contains money saving advice from travellers, expats and locals in Asia. We will help you make savings - sometimes very big savings - so that you can travel longer, do more and live better.

No more getting hopelessly lost from the airport, staying in a no-go area, paying through the nose for a lackluster hotel/apartment or finding out you went to the worst beach on the island.Instead fellow travellers and expats will let you in on their best secrets - and you can leave some of your own for others to follow.

How is this site different? 

There are plenty of great websites for leaving memories about finding the perfect beach, for example. But being on the perfect beach is no fun if you are down to your last dime and still have weeks of travelling ahead of you. A cheap flight is just the beginning, it's day-to-day living costs that eat through the savings of both tourists and expats.

Why Message Boards and not a Forum?
Forums are very useful and there are some great ones out there. However discussions frequently wander 'off topic' - things can even get personal - and when it's information you are after, rather than just a chat, it can be hard to locate.

Boards stay on topic and allow for easy sorting of information into categories, so the advice you are seeking can always be found (visit the Tags page for more). All messages are moderated before they are published to ensure they are relevant and uploaded in the rights places.

The website follows a simple format and is designed to deliver information quickly and intuitively, whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What's the problem?
Things have got much harder for most westerners in Asia since the financial crisis, due to the plummeting value of their home currencies. These charts (from show how the $US, £ and E have all lost significant value relative to the Thai baht, with the Australian dollar one of the few to have held its strength.

$USD vs. THB

£GBP vs. THB


$AUD vs. THB

What does that mean in real terms?

If you changed $US100 in 2005, you could have got 4,200 baht. Do the same in 2012 and you'd have around 3,000 baht (-29%).

Likewise, £100 would have got you as much as 7,500 baht in 2005. In 2012 it was worth around 4,900 baht (-35%).

The Euro has lost around 20% of its value relative to the baht.

It's a similar story across most of Asia.

But fear not! is dedicated to keeping money in your pocket!

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