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More bad news for Brits in Asia - pound likely to fall even further after downgrade:
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in just 90 minutes with future high-speed rail link:
TripAdvisor lists its top beaches in Asia:
'Air Asia India' plans moving forward:
You asked, we listened! Web links posted in the four main homepages - Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Rest of Asia - are now clickable!
Advice sent in on avoiding 'hidden' currency conversion charges when booking hotels online with Agoda
Air Asia's latest sale has tagline "only pay tax and surcharge". Travel Mar1-Jul31: Prices:
The £GB is still in a big hole, but $US is starting to show signs of improvement relative to Asian currencies
Emirates to start daily non-stop flights from Dubai to Clark in The Philippines from October 1:
60% cheaper if you book a Tune Hotel room at the front desk instead of online? Thanks Mel:

For more posts about Kuala Lumpur visit this page: . For posts about ATMs in Asia head here:
Follow-up post on HSBC ATMs in Malasyia, plus info on using Maybank machines. Thanks Nick:
US consulate in Chiang Mai a possible Al-Qaeda target:
Want to find a fee-free ATM, that works with western bank cards, in Kuala Lumpur LCCT airport (Malaysia)? Thanks Matt:
Air Asia now offers quiet "kid free zones" on its long haul flights
Philippines tops 4million tourists for first time. Most from Korea, USA and Japan. Russia, Taiwan biggest increase:
Two ways to cool down a hot house without air con - Thanks Brad:
More business related tips can be found here:  and more (long-stay) home advice here:
Some must-read rental contract advice for those looking to start a business or rent a house long-term. Thanks Gary:
The homepage just got faster. New Google test result: "Overall PageSpeed Score of 91 (out of 100)" Try it!

Acer to launch new 7" tablet (running Android 4.1) in Thailand, costing less than 4,000 Baht ($135/?85):
"If you are considering converting [foreign currency] to baht, the recommendation at the moment would be 'hold' ":
More money and ATM tips here:
Sick of queuing at ATMs? Read the latest post:
Record number of tourists visit Thailand in 2012. Most from China then Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany:
This is exactly the sort of information you won't find in 'professional' fly-in/fly-out travel guides - Thanks Ed!
Latest post in the Thailand homepage has some dining spots to check out in Chiang Mai:
$US and $GB finally showing small signs of recovery relative to most Asian currencies, Euro still holding up
"Vietnam lays red carpet to welcome foreign teachers" (But are planning to pay you less than 300$US a month!)
RT @AirAsia: Fly to Sydney with #AirAsia X from as low as RM449 (all-in-fare) & discover the city with a budget below RM50!
Google opens first office in the Philippines:
Highly rated hotels in Phuket (Patong) and Kuala Lumpur added to our featured deals - see what you think:
Emirates and Qantas forming 'global Partnership'. More details here:
More tips for people living (or hoping to live) in Thailand, Malaysia:
Want to know how much your electric bill will drop by if you don't use air con? David has sent the answer....
Good news: We've found a hotel rated 4.2/5 (and recommended by a viewer) in Chiang Mai for even less! See Featured Deal:
Bad news: Our Featured Deal for the Furama Hotel Chiang Mai (rated 4.5 out of 5) is now sold out until the end of March...
RT @HeathrowAirport: Weather conditions are affecting flights across the UK & Europe today. Please check your flight status w/ your  ...
For more posts about business in South East Asia, see this page:
"Many expats are leaving Phuket for pastures new and not coming back" Do you agree?
The $US and ?GB are still in a slump vs. most Asian currencies. Euro holding. Select 'twelve months' to see movement:
You don't need to be in the UK to listen to BBC Radio online:
More tips on Udon Thani here: and more advice about visas in Asia here: and
A not so unusual story about the process of extending your visa while in Thailand:
Link to the offiical Heathrow Airport website with the latest on the snow delays, for anyone due to fly in or out:
Thai Airways staff strike at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport ends, for now. Best not to book flight near Feb 8 deadline:
Snow forces cancellation of 100 flights at Heathrow airport. Check with your airline if you are flying in or out of UK:
Going to Don Muang airport with kids? Read this to help keep them happy (Thanks Kay):
The £ and $ continue to fall relative to the Thai Baht, Euro on the rise:
For more shopping tips and advice see this page:
Some words highlighting the north/south price divide in Thailand. No name provided, so thanks whoever you are!
Air Asia's Big Sale ends Sunday, head over to the promotion page of their website and take a look:
This is about saving blushes rather than money, but worth a read (warns about new Facebook search):
Virgin Atlantic Flight Sale ends on January 22nd - see price list (promoted):
Latest currency data:
Bad news for those looking to change $(US) or £(GB) to Thai Baht. $ now at lowest rate to Baht since 2011. £ at lowest since March. Euro ok.
Meter and non-Meter taxi war continues in Phuket (explains why the cheaper Meter taxis are hard to get in Patong):
For more KL specific advice, check this link out:
Getting around KL on foot without worrying about the weather is getting easier (thanks Chris).
For more flight tips check out:
With Air Asia about to launch its latest sale (flights from Aug 20) here is a link to Air Asia's Booking Tips page:
Our pick of the list is to hang the 'do not disturb' sign on the door when you are NOT in the room & lock your valuables inside the suitcase
We have lots of advice on preventing hotel theft here:
This isn't the first time goods have been stolen from hotel lockers, but the method used is certainly new:
Phuket puts 400 more police on the streets to boost tourist safety:
Those words, by Netherlands Ambassador Joan Boer, back up the advice given by several people posting on
"There is a widely spread habit to ask as a sort of deposit passports of citizens... this is illegal" Full story:
London to Bangkok return for ?495 or how about a highly rated hotel in Chiang Mai for $25 a night? See Featured Deals:
Not good news for Brits spending money abroad in 2013:
This is link. Lots of free downloads, but most will just want "Photoshop CS2". Serial number to install is provided:
Great news for anyone who does occasional photo editing or graphics: Adobe is offering an older version of Photoshop for free download!
Malaysia named 3rd best place to retire in the world and top in Asia (Thailand 9th) by International Living ranking:
Don't worry about landing cards for Malaysia. Thanks Hazrin:
Thai drivers stage blockade as tension rises with Russian tour businesses in Phuket:
Are Ko Phangan parties safe? Scroll down to the "How to stay safe" section for some sound advice:
We like the Sub of the Day too Tony - one cheap meal a day is a great way to save some money:
Is this good or bad?
Look for this button on right of Search Flights page, which appears after you select origin, destination, dates etc:
2) Air Asia has a great new feature that shows flight prices over a four-week period.
1) Online Fees & Charges link. Full price list including baggage fees (by weight), fuel surcharge, handling fees etc
Here are two tools that all Air Asia passengers should be aware of:
Hope you get the teeth sorted Trevor and thanks for the price list:
Tragic death of a young British tourist, shot during a New Year party on Koh Phangan:
When I see these charts I wish I'd bought big things before 2008-09 - and that it must be good to be an Aussie in Asia:
Further post on hiring motorcycles in Thailand. Sorry you've had to wait a few days Charlie:
Regardless of how the 'fiscal cliff' pans out, Brits in Thailand can get a good exchange rate today (Jan 1):
Spending the New Year in Hanoi? Here are some tips for what to see and do:
Happy New Year! We'll do our best to make your money go even further in Asia in 2013
Latest market data for currencies:
So Europeans in Asia could play safe and exchange some currency now. Americans might be better off waiting and assuming a deal will be done.
Since most Asian currencies shadow the dollar they will probably rise also relative to the Euro and Pound.
If the US sorts out a deal to avoid the 'fiscal cliff' the value of the dollar will probably rise relative to European currencies.
And another dedicated just to Vietnam news: . These are in addition to the existing Thai and Asian news pages.
Actually that's not all we also have a new page dedicated just to Malaysia news:
And finally a new 'Tags' page to help you find what you're looking for:
We also have a new 'Post Your Advice' page - you can now add a Twitter address to your posts if you like:
We have some new pages for you to browse. First a new and improved video section (with fullscreen viewing option):
A bit later than planned, but the new single tourist visa for Thailand and Cambodia starts today:
In terms of currency strength, Indonesia is a good place for UK, US and Aus. residents to visit (Euro ok). USD v IDR:
Happy Christmas! Whether you're at the beach, bar or by the fire have a great day!
Australian Ambassador warns about ongoing scams in Phuket:
Good point, well made re: insurance cover in the event of a motorcycle accident (thanks Chris):
3. Remember that many of the road accident victims in Thailand did nothing wrong. Expect bad driving and be on the lookout for it.
2. Wear a helmet. You might not think it's cool but it really could make the difference between walking away and 'game over'.
1. Do not ride directly behind cars/trucks. If they stop quickly you will hit the back of them. Ride slightly to one side. Can see more too.
Here are our top 3 motorcycle safety tips:
There have been a string of motorcycle accident fatalities involving foreigners in Phuket lately - be careful guys and girls...
Australian Dollar now falling relative to Baht - time to buy before it drops further?
Likewise those from US that took our advice and held off will be a bit better off changing now than before:
Euro v Baht:
Pound v Baht:
Those from UK and Euro area that bought Baht a few days ago made a good choice. Both have since started to drop.
For those due to fly into or out of Phuket today (Friday) check with your airline before heading to the airport
Travel chaos at Phuket airport following an emergency landing:
RT @tonyfernandes: Now here is a man with honor @richardbranson who just contacted me to honor his bet. He will be an airasia...
Chatuchak market is indeed one of THE places to shop for bargains or business stock in Bangkok:
Not such good news for US dollar which is lowest (30.6) it has been to Thai baht since Feb. Hold off changing if you can and hope for rise?
Will they keep rising? Who knows, but if you?ll need to buy Baht soon it wouldn't hurt to change some money now just in case they drop.
Good news for those visiting Thailand from Europe & UK: The £ (49.8) and E (40.6) are at their best rate against the Baht since September.
A visit to Hanoi - note survival tactics for crossing road as posted in our Vietnam channel (
With xmas/new year approaching, here's a reminder about why mixing even 'a few beers' with painkillers can be lethal:
Bus service linking Bangkok (Thailand) with Siem Reap and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to start on Dec 29:
Are Air Asia using DCC to pump up prices online??? Wes thinks so:
Bangkok Airways is now flying from BKK to Vientiane (Laos), joining Thai Airways and Lao Airlines:
Emirates has announced daily non-stop flights from Dubai to Phuket in Thailand
Find out what DCC is and how banks can use it to rip you off when using Credit Card/ATMs abroad. Excellent work Greg!
Centara Hotels&Resorts plans new low-cost "COSI" Hotel chain for Thailand in 2015:
This story underlines how important your passport is in Thailand and why you should keep a copy for ID purposes:
Book before Dec 3 and travel between 10th Apr - 15th Jun for special Emirates fares:
Check out the new Maps page:
Thanks to Henry Miller for this tip on hospitals/medical costs in Thailand:
Delay in joint Thailand-Cambodia tourist visa plans (should have started on Nov 21):
On a more positive note for Air Asia, here are their latest special offers - "Air Asia Birthday Sale":
This is surprising - Malaysian regulators find 'issues' in AirAsia audit:
We have a 'Canny Scotsman' (!) to thank for providing our latest currency exchange tip:
Thanks for the comments regarding the new-look Thailand & Asian News pages. Glad you like it!
Oh dear... Vietnam is increasing tourist visa fees by 80% from January 2013:
VietJetAir is reported to be offering flights to Bangkok from Dec 14. BKK is listed as a destination but no prices yet:
This is interesting: One tourist visa for both Thailand and Cambodia from Nov 21?
Extending your tourist visa for the Philippines should get easier:
'Naturally Langkawi' - a new initiative to make Langkawi a top ten island destination by 2015.
British Consulate to close in Pattaya. Read this Message from the British Ambassador:
Air Asia announces Indochina Sale. Includes flights from Kuala Lumpur to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos for 32 USD.
Nok Air has a new 'Low Fare Search'. It lists best prices for every day in each month. Try it here:
UK-Phuket flights on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Nov, 2013. Looks good!
An airport is being built on Koh Phangan (Full Moon Party). Kan Air plans regular Bangkok-Phangan flights from January:
Air Asia's Big Sale: Book before Nov 4. Fy between May1-Sep30. Numerous locations.
This is probably the best idea we've heard for making sure you don't get scammed out of your rent deposit. Cheers Benji
Looking to fly in early 2013? Snap up a cheap Air Asia deal:
Still not clear if a 'party drink' caused this tragic incident. Best to steer clear of party drinks, or mix your own:
Thai Airways launches "Thai Smile" airline. Aimed at young travellers who want more than usual budget airline service:
Neat little trick to save money at Bangkok airport. Thanks Henry!
Air Asia Autumn Flight sale! Book before Oct. 7, Travel before Dec 31st.
How to cut the cost of your Thai visa fees:
Advice on how to get the cheapest deal for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix (scroll down to NEW!)
A new 'Island Transfers' option is available at Air Asia from Oct 15. More info. here:
Tip on how to get the best travel insurance deals - well spotted Russell!
Rental deposit scams to watch out for (thanks Tony Ferguson):
Looking to open a bank account in Thailand? Read this (thanks Craig) ...
This is worth considering when looking for the cheapest flight - the same principles probably apply everywhere:
Get free home improvements from your Thai landlord?? All is revealed in our latest tip, sent by Steve from Koh Samui
We've updated the menu buttons and layout to better suit 7" tablet screens. See what you think:
Thanks to Van Welde Bruno for some detailed advice about backpacker transport and travel in Bangkok
Quick bit of road safety advice for those driving or riding in Thailand:
Two new pieces of advice posted in the Thailand page. One about bargain hunting and the other buyer protection:
Nice bit of advice for those travelling with young children through Bangkok's Suvarnabumi airport:
Advice posted on how to track down the cheapest official Apple products in Asia:
Second tip regards time wasting by taxi drivers in Bangkok. Scroll to the Bangkok section and look for the 'new' tag:
First of two Sunday tips for you: A nice water park in Udon Thani (scroll down to the Udon tips)
Follow post regarding fee-free ATMs in Thailand. Scroll down to 'Udon Thani' info on this page:
Air Asia is running a Year-End flight sale. Discounts of around 25-50%. Details here:
RT @lonelyplanet: Thailand for first-timers #lp #travel
Links to the latest Tiger Airways and Singapore Airlines flight deals now available:
Avoid ATM withdraw fees in Thailand by using the brand of bank mentioned in the latest money saving tip:
RT @tonyfernandes: Its an extremely extremely proud day for me. Airasia and our partners in airasia indonesia accquire Batavia air
Our Deals & Discounts page now has a calendar - in fact two of them! Thanks to Jamie from Khon Kaen for the suggestion!
Our breaking news page now has the latest Videos from ITN, Al-Jazeera, Euronews, The New York Times etc
We've added more links to Malaysia Airlines special offers. UK, USA and Australia. Offers available NOW for USA
This week's Air Asia flights deals have just been released. Check them out here:
Loads moe Thailand Resorts and Cities added to our Breaking News page. Check it out:
3rd of 3 new postings we received yesterday - "The sure-fire way to get the best price in Thailand"
Gas cheaper than electric for cooking in Thailand?
New advice posted in Vietnam page regarding best time of day for bargain shopping
Some advice posted on how to cut water bills in Thailand - not sure it's for westerners though!
Not to be outdone by AirAsia, Nok Air have announced flight promotions of their own (19 Jul- 30 Nov)
Price list  for latest Air Asia deals - including their new 'World's Best Ever Sale'
Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan etc official visa links now added:
Be sure to check out our Visas page - it'll show you the OFFICIAL websites regarding visa applications in Asia:
Malaysia Airlines 'deals of the day' link now added...
Air Asia has loads of flight promotions on offer, but you must book by July 15
Orient Thai offer cheaper weekday flights, but you must book at weekends:
Thai Airways has lot of 'themed' flight promotions. Find them all here
Need a flight? You could do a lot worse than Emirates and we've tracked down their official special offers
Qantas flight promotions from Bangkok and Saigon
Vietnam Airlines flight promotions:
New advice posted in the Vietnam page regarding teaching English and traffic accidents:
New money-saving advice added to the Thailand Cities page. Check it out:
Air Asia to Don Muang? Hmmm not sure about that. If AA are getting the discount claimed let's hope they pass it on prices drop...
Emirates, one of our favorite long-haul airlines for cost/comfort, now allow you to change your flight dates online. Nice!