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Kuala Lumpur - Airport
The new Tune Hotel at KLIA2 is a massive improvement on the old hotel at LCCT. For those that stayed at LCCT Tune and said 'ever again' give the new one a go. Rooms are twice the size of LCCT, you don't need to pay for add-ons (air con, towels, TV). At least at the moment. And best of all the location - there is a covered walkway from terminal to hotel and it's only a few minutes walk. No need for shuttle bus.
The signs to find the hotel from inside the terminal are not good. But this will get you near: Walk straight forwards out of arrivals and keep going until you reach the end of the terminal, then turn left and go down a travelator to the floor below. From there it is signposted.

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Kuala Lumpur - Airport
Kuala Lumpur's KLIA2 airport terminal is now up and running and much better than the old LCCT. It's actually a proper airport. Plenty of food options and connected by train to both KL city and the original KLIA(1) terminal. No need for bus or taxis to airport. 30mins from city on train.
It's not very clear when you are actually on the train what the station order is, but it goes like this: KL Sentral-KLIA-KLIA2 (and vice versa). So if you want KLIA2 from city do not get off the train at KLIA. For some reason they do not say this on the train. They just say 'you are arriving at KLIA have a nice journey', so everyone thinks they have to get off. The same train is used as a shuttle service between the two terminals. For those that don't know, most long haul flights leave from KLIA(1) while KLIA2 is for low cost, mainly AirAsia.
Kuala Lumpur
Heli Lounge Bar in Bukit Bingtang is a cool place to go and watch the sun go down over KL. As name suggests, it's a Helipad on top of building!
Kuala Lumpur
Promocode: 20% discount for Tune Hotel in Kuala Lumpur cit, use "klia2guest". The discount is being offered to people that stay as a guest at KLIA2, but is only for city center Tune. No expiry date given so worth a try. 20% discount
Kuala Lumpur
The covered walkway linking KLCC (Petronas Towers) to Pavilion shopping mall (Bukit Bintang) is a great idea. Shame they don't signpost how to find it from inside the KLCC shopping center. Here's how you find it:
Head for middle of KLCC shopping center, on lowest floor. Then turn and walk past escalators, heading towards the Maybank branch (with all the Maybank ATMs outside). Keep walking and follow signs for Aquaria, which will take you through a long tunnel. When you get to Aquaria walk past Starbucks and go up the stairs. Then you will see the entrance to the walkway.

Kuala Lumpur
Try to get food from major restaurant chains and coffeeshops delivered in KL: "Founded in 2003, Room Service, a Food Runner company, is THE one-stop food delivery portal for all your hunger needs. Served over 1 million hungry customers, enjoy on-time food delivery to your doorsteps with our premium "hotel-like" service. We deliver from 11am - 11pm, everyday, 365 days a year, rain or shine."
Kuala Lumpur
Some HSBC ATMs are now available in the KLCC shopping mall. For example by the escalators above the food court, in the center. I don't get charged to withdraw from these. No ATM fees
Kuala Lumpur
KL Nightlife update 2014: Changkat area of Bukit Bintang is still the best place to go, walk the street and decide on which of the bars and clubs looks best or has the best drink deals on that night.
Zouk is still Zouk but feels a bit cold and clinical these days. Place for businessmen trying to show they are cool.
Heritage Row is a shadow of its former self but still has one or two good clubs, with the added bonus of staying open much later than other places. Loft is the best of these and good place to check out late on weekends.
The Beach Club has moved up the road towards the Petronas Towers but still has the same ‘agenda’ :-)
Priced up an Emirates flight, KL-London return, on the official website. It showed me a table of flights and the cheapest prices for each day of the month. I then did the same on and saw to my horror that Emirates themselves were offering the very same flights for 1000rm cheaper! Same dates. Same airports.
Clicked to buy the flights on Skyscanner and it sent me to to complete the booking! So everything was the same except the price. My ticket is directly from Emirates as usual and has my airmiles listed. Because skyscanner is a comparison website showing flights from many carriers, Emirates must be offering special prices to come out near the top of the flight list. This old dog just learnt a new trick.
Best price on official Emirates tickets
This was a surprise, so I’ll share it. Paid for a hotel online with Paypal (I’m in Malaysia). When it came to confirming the payment, Paypal gives the choice of paying in my own home currency or in the local currency (Ringgit). Usually it’s cheaper to pay in local and let the bank do the conversion. So that’s what I did. But I also noted down the price that Paypal quoted if I had allowed them to convert....
When I got my bank statement, the Paypal price would have been slightly cheaper! The exchange rate was about the same, but my bank then added fees for doing the conversion that made it a little more expensive than Paypal. Depends on your bank but something for fellow readers to think about/try.
Paypal currency conversion is cheaper?
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
This won’t matter if they ever finish Kuala Lumpur’s KLIA2 airport terminal but until then, if you want to get from the main KLIA to the LCCT terminal there is a bus located on level 2 near the food court. The bus to LCCT is located at Platform 10 and leaves every 30 minutes. Cost is 2.50rm. The only other way to get between terminals at present is a taxi, but that is much more expensive. KLIA2 is supposed to open in 2014 and will be linked by the train from the city that already goes to KLIA. Cheapest transport between terminals

If you are expecting trouble with a taxi fare - because they are going to try to cheat you - ask to get dropped off outside somewhere near where you want to go instead of your hotel. Ideally pick a five star hotel, police station or embassy.
Not only is there less chance of the driver trying to rip you off but there will be people nearby that can help if there is trouble.
Also the driver will not know where you are staying. In some countries (Malaysia) drivers have been known to come back with friends and beat tourists up, when they have refused to pay rip off fees.
Another simple trick is to always get out of the taxi first before paying. Taxi drivers are much less likely to quote a rip off price when it can be heard in public, especially at places like airports where police and guards are nearby.
Taxi trouble
Be careful of taking buses where they store your luggage out of sight. Thieves working with the bus drivers have been known to hide inside the luggage area and then pick open the suitcase locks during the journey. It usually happens on buses to an airport and because people usually don’t notice until after they have taken their flight they mistakenly think the theft occurred after check-in at the airport. I lost a Playstation portable in this way. Never put anything in your suitcase that you cannot afford to lose. Theft

How to get a travel insurance discount. This works for me. I fill in a quote online, either a comparison website or more usually with the company I want to get insurance from. I include a telephone number as well as email in the contact details. Then I wait 5-7 days............. 90% of the time they call me and offer a discount from the website price. Travel Insurance Discount
Kuala Lumpur
Bag snatches from cars are a growing concern here in KL. When there are traffic jams, watch out for motorbike riders going between the cars. If they see a bag on the car seat they can break a window, reach inside and be gone in seconds.
This has happened to a close family member of mine. After speaking to the police the main action to stop it happening again was:
*Put reflective film on the window so thieves cannot see inside the car.
*Put a coating inside the window so even when it is broken the glass doesn’t fall away, so no-one can reach inside. The problem with this is that if you need to get out of the window after an accident it’s difficult so don’t put on all the windows.
Also never leave any computer equipment inside a car, even if it is hidden from view. Thieves carry hand-held scanners that can tell if electronic equipment is inside the car.
Theft protection
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
Some information for people visiting Malaysia later this year. Latest news here in Kuala Lumpur is that the new KLIA2 terminal, which is to replace the LCCT, is due to open a bit later than planned. At the end of June (2013) instead of May.
KLIA2 will be the new home for Air Asia and other budget airlines presently at LCCT.
As well as being much bigger, with more shops and facilities than LCCT, the new terminal will have a direct rail link to the original KLIA (international) terminal and on into Kuala Lumpur city (KL Sentral).
The rail link is much quicker than a bus or taxi. About 30 minutes. But since the trains only go to KLIA at the moment, anyone wanting to use them to LCCT has had to take a bus part of the way!
Buses will still be the cheapest way to KL after KLIA2 opens, but for speed and convenience at a bit more cost many will take the train. So plan your trip with this in mind if it’s after June. The website for the KLIA train system is
A new Tune Hotel is also being built for the KLIA2 terminal which they say will be much better than the LCCT one. Tune finally seemed to have got the message that the rooms at LCCT are far too small even for a budget hotel.
New Terminal Opening Date & Transport
Kuala Lumpur Airport
So, talk about the Tune Hotel at LCCT made me remember. Room 113 has a good problem..... the timer on the air con does not work. It always shows 24 hours. You never have to pay for any more air con like normal :-) Maybe they read this and fix but you can try to ask for this room. Free air con at Tune hotel
This is in reply to Mel's post about how to get the Promo prices at Tune Hotels.
I'm also staying in a Tune Hotel right now (LCCT, KL) and picked up a leaflet about a special offer for the Tune Hotels in Bali. The leaflet was at reception.
Mel is right. Just booking early won't always get you the best deal.
The leaflet says the two ways to get the Promo price for Bali are:
1. Book online at " and enter the Promo code".
2. Walk in booking, "Present this flyer to our friendly hotel staff".
This fits with what Mel said, as Mel got the surprise Promo price by doing a "walk in booking".
But this is why I am really writing... Get ready!
The promo codes you need to get the Bali Hotel special offers when you book online are printed in the leaflet I picked up. Here they are:
Tune Hotel Kuta, Bali - Promo Code = KUTAWALK
Tune Hotel Legian, Bali - Promo Code = LEGIANWALK

You need to stay in the hotel between now and 30 April 2013.
I tried the codes to see if they worked. They do. The Promo price is 86,000 ($9) for a single room in either hotel at the end of March.
If you do not enter the Promo code the normal price is 150,000 a night.
I won't leave my name in case Tune don't like me writing these Promo codes online, but I don't think it's fair for people (like me) who always book online and don't have access to a code to now find out that we have been paying double the price. Grrrr....
Now the magic question - Does anyone know where to find discount codes for other Tune Hotels?
Discount Codes for 50% off Tune Hotels in Bali
All has some of the best hotel deals around, but they are also in on the currency converting price hike, the DCC described by others here, where they will charge you more for converting prices to your home currency.
Worryingly, some people have said that they are not even being offered a choice of which currency to pay in and Agoda are automatically converting to the customer’s home currency - costing a further 3-5% due to the bad exchange rate they use.
If you can, best thing is to always pay in Agoda’s home currency which is USD and let YOUR bank sort the conversion out. Unless you have a really bad bank.
Look up prices in USD to begin with (some people have problems trying to change later) and when you pay on Agoda a pop-up box should appear asking to confirm which currency you want to use (list of flags).
If you cannot see an option to pay in USD the next best choice is to pay in the local currency of the hotel, which should also be converted by your bank. Only chose to pay in your home currency if it is USD.
You won’t know for sure who has converted until you see your Credit Card statement. If the CC statement includes an exchange rate with the price paid then the bank has done the conversion. If the statement just lists a price paid like any other purchase you would make at home then Agoda has done it.
Avoid extra currency fees


So this is what happened. I’m staying in a Tune Hotel now and I wanted to extend for two more days. I checked online on the website for a price then went to the front desk to ask for a price - without saying I had already looked online.
Well, the price at the desk was 60% cheaper!! Obviously I took it and didn’t want to question too much.
I then went back to my room and checked again online. Same room, same dates, same hotel - still more than double the price online!
I have the new receipt in my hand now and the reason for the price difference is that the hotel gave me the “Promo” rate at the desk. But online this Promo rate was not offered - only standard rate.
The hotel is less than half full, so makes sense they have Promo rates available, so why not online?
The tunehotels website even has an advert for my hotel boasting a cheap rate even better than I got at the desk ("prices from...") but it just takes me to the standard booking page and the price given was again a normal one, no Promo rate.
Is it because the website tracks my cookies and they know from my profile that I will probably pay the normal rate?
From what I can see the best chance you have to get the Promo rate online is to go to the Tunehotel Facebook page first. They seem to post discount codes quite often and if you click through from Facebook to the website you seem to see offers you don’t normally get. Without a discount code it seems impossible to get Promo prices.
But for me in future, if I can’t get a promo price online, I’ll just book for 1-2 nights and then go down to the front desk and ask to extend.
60% cheaper than online price
Kuala Lumpur
Good find with the HSBC ATM! I fly through LCCT regularly and it was free for me too, but maybe too many people have read about it on here because sometimes now it’s out of money!
I found this link to look up HSBC ATMs in Malaysia:
If you can’t find a HSBC, then Maybank are next best. They are reliable and although not free like HSBC the charge is only 1RM per withdraw.
You just have to make sure you select “Continue Without Conversion” after you say how much cash you want to avoid the “dcc” bad exchange rate. Read that here and for me it is definitely cheaper.
No ATM charge
Kuala Lumpur Airport
Cash machines can be hit and miss in Malaysia. Some don’t work with cards from other countries (even if they have the mastercard/visa logo) and most charge. My new 'favourite' is the HSBC ATM outside the international arrivals area of LCCT airport. My mastercard works fine (the CIMB ATM machine refused it) and the HSBC machine also says it does not charge. Easy to find because it is opposite Starbucks. No transaction fee/ATM works

Kuala Lumpur
I hadn’t been to KL for a while and was pleasantly surprised to see the new covered walkways that have been built in the city center, with more under construction.
You can now walk from KLCC/Petronas Towers to the Pavilion Shopping center (near Bukit Bintang) without worrying about whether it will rain or needing to deal with taxis. The walkway also seemed to have air con inside.
An open-sided walkway from Bukit Nanas monorail station (outside Hard Rock Café) and the corner of the road leading to Petronas Towers (Beach Club) is also now complete.
Between the Beach Club and Towers there is also the KL City Walk that also leads to the Pavilion. That has been open for a while, but is only partially covered and not many people seem to use it judging by the number of empty shops. There are some Vietnamese restaurants and coffee shops worth a look.
There is also a walkway under construction from the monorail station after Bukit Nanas, Medan Tuanku, up to the Tune Hotel and beyond.
All in all a ‘step’ in the right direction given that driving is almost impossible without big traffic delays in KL now.
I usually never go out without a small umbrella in KL, but it seems I might soon be able to.
Save on Taxi fees and umbrellas!
With Air Asia about to launch its latest sale (flights from Aug 20) here is a link to Air Asia's Booking Tips page:
( via Twitter)

Okay, this is some information about arriving in Malaysia.
Foreigners don't need to fill in a paper landing card like you do for most countries and Malaysia before. Just go straight to passport control when you arrive and show your passport (and maybe the flight ticket you arrived with if they ask).
I've seen so many people asking for landing cards from the staff on the plane flying in and also getting stressed when they arrive at immigration because they think they need them, that I thought I'd explain it here.
Here are two tools that all Air Asia passengers should be aware of:
1) Online Fees & Charges link. Full price list including baggage fees (by weight), fuel surcharge, handling fees etc
2) Air Asia has a great new feature that shows flight prices over a four-week period.
Look for the button on the right hand of the Search Flights page, which says "View by Month. Find low fares with our four week chart".
This option appears on the page after you select origin, destination, dates etc.
( via Twitter)
Reduce flight costs and charges
Firstly, the post below by Greg is one of the best I have read. It allowed me to finally put 2+2 together regarding the currency options when buying a ticket for Air Asia online.
I have always wondered which currency I should pay in, as it flashes up all these warning boxes whatever you chose.
If you set it to pay in a local currency, it says something warning that the currency is different from your card. But if you change the currency to the same as your card, you get another warning!
Thanks to Greg it's now clear to me what is happening. The first warning, that the payment is not the same as your card, is just to try and scare you into changing the currency to your home country.
That is the DCC bit, so Air Asia then hit you with a bad exchange rate when they convert the price to your currency. The warning box that appears for that is a legal requirement to let you "accept" the DCC rate (like Greg was experiencing with the ATM) even though its far from clear that is what you are doing.
Air Asia does not tell you what exchange rate they will use for the conversion and in my view it is very dodgy.
I have some evidence to back this theory up. I booked two sets of flights, one in the local currency and the other in my home currency. When it converted to my home currency the price shot up by almost 8% from the estimate given on the page where you fill in your card details!
But when I paid in the local currency the price paid, when I checked my Credit Card bill to see what it had been converted at by my bank, was near enough a straight conversion from the figure quoted on the Air Asia card details page.
From now on I'm only paying for Air Asia flights in a local currency.
The only part I'm still not 100 per cent on is which currencies they use DCC on and which they do not. I think if you pay in Thai baht or Malaysian Ringet you will be safe and the slightly different wording of the pop up "warning" messages should be a tip off.
Happy travels!
8% due to DCC card charges
When I withdraw from ATMs in Malaysia (UK issued Mastercard and Maybank ATM) instead of just handing over the money it first offers me a currency rate and asks if I want to accept.
I can either 1) "accept the conversion" or 2) "continue without conversion". But it gives me the local money requested whichever option I choose, so I've never understood what it is all about.
Finally got around to researching and it seems that Maybank are offering to convert the currency, at a rate which by law they must give you the chance to "accept", or you can let whoever issues your card do the conversion as normal, which is what happens if you select "continue without conversion".
It seems this choice is often a trick by the banks that own the ATMs to make more money out of the transaction, as the exchange rate they offer is usually worse than the rate you would get from a normal transaction by your card-issuing bank. It also opens you up to further fees.
So the correct choice seems to be "continue without conversion".
This is what I found from the Santander website: "If given the option of paying in either local currency or sterling, ensure you choose local currency unless you are certain that the exchange rate is more favourable. If you choose sterling, it means that the retailer or bank will handle the conversion and may charge you a conversion fee, a foreign usage fee, or both."
If you want to find out more, the technical term for this banking trick is "Dynamic Currency Conversion" (DCC) and Wikipedia has a good page about it.
The bottom line is that such conversions usually cost you more money: "The major drawback of DCC for the customer is the unfavorable exchange rates being applied by the merchant, resulting in a higher charge on their credit card."
To be sure, you could check the exchange rate for your bank card before going to the ATM and then compare it with the rate being offered at the ATM, but even if the ATM DCC rate was better it sounds like you could be hit by extra fees.
Avoid DCC by making card purchases in the local currency and turning down any upfront conversion offers at ATMs!
Avoid DCC charges abroad
My general advice, writing as an Expat in Malaysia (KL) for several years, would be that unlike all other SE Asian countries Ive visited, accommodation is the big expense in Malaysia. Living costs (food etc) are much cheaper than most places if you avoid the tourist traps.
Some quick advice on ATMs in Malaysia. The Islamic banking ones don't seem to work with western cards and some others can be 'iffy'. Maybank (yellow) machines always seem to work. I've yet to find a machine that doesn't charge for use though.
I wrote this in the Malaysia board as that's where Tune Hotels are based. You have to buy use of the aircon in the room (12h/24h tickets) but what they don't say is that you can turn the aircon off and the countdown stops. There is a very small button on the aircon control panel which you can slide to 'off'. When you do this your time stops until you turn it on again. Perfect if you just want to use the aircon to cool the room, then just use the fan. The Internet countdown you cannot stop, despite having a 'log out' button. Reduce Tune Hotel air con costs
Visas for Malaysia are so much easier than Thailand. UK citizens can get a (free) 90-day Visa on arrival and most western countries will get 60-days. So there's no real need to get a tourist visa before you go. FYI Asian citizens get 1 month visa on arrival. Check they give you the correct length of stay stamp at the airport as, with so many different stamps for different countries, they have been known to get it wrong! Another good thing about Malaysia is they seem to have ditched the landing card system, certainly for some flights. You just go straight to immigration with your passport. Visas
Kuala Lumpur
Two pieces of advice for those wanting to see the Petronas Towers or KL Tower.
1.Go early if you want a ticket to the viewing deck. Tickets are free (don't let anyone outside try and claim you need to pay) but they are limited to a certain number per day. The time of your trip to the viewing deck will be on ticket. Be aware that the viewing deck isn't that high (relative to the building) and you have to watch a 20min Petronas ad before you go up.
2. Make sure you see the Towers at night. They look far more impressive than in the day and it's the best time to take photos etc. Dusk is around 6pm.The KL Tower (communications tower 2km away) allows you to go right to the top if you
 want the best views out over the city. The catch is that the tower visit is bundled in with stuff like going to the zoo at the foot of the tower.
Tickets are free
Kuala Lumpur
There's a store called 'Mydin" located near the Maybank Tower/China Town/Pudu area. Opposite Nandos. Use to find exact location. It's like a discount superstore. It's good if you don't care about brand names and just about the quality of the material etc. I buy shirts, boxers and socks. They last really well and price is best I've seen. You can also pick up big bargains on childrens clothes and toys. It's always packed with local people. Shopping Bargains
Kuala Lumpur
Mayview Glory Hotel in Pudu provide decent accommodation in the cheaper part of the city. Rooms around 100rm a night and you can see the Towers from some of them. Located right next to main Maybank building, so easy access to atms and there is also a starbucks inside. Chinatown, nandos, Central Market is just over the road. Good value
Kuala Lumpur
Saw a restaurant that was always full of locals and thought I'd give it a try. Good decision. It's kind of like an Indonesian version of Nandos - much cheaper and just as nice. In fact nicer in my opinion as Nandos don't seem to cook their chicken as much as I'd like in Asia. The name of the restaurant chain is "Dapur Penyet". Don't be put off by name as menu is in English. They have a website The one I went to was in the front of a shopping centre opposite the Tune Hotel in KL. Ended up going just about every day. Meal + drink around 13RM. 50% of Nandos price
Kuala Lumpur
If you are an expat looking for a city center condo/apartment, 'Park View' is among the best for balance of location and price. It's a few hundred metres from the towers and you get a place for about 3000RM per month (1month) down to nearer 2000RM for longer stays. If you negotiate well you can get some or all bills included. Has swimming pool and gym on roof. 24 hr security so v. safe. Not cheap but others I've asked about in area are upwards of 4000RM. Be aware that music from the bars/clubs below can be heard in some of the rooms so 'try before you buy'. Quieter rooms are the ones facing the main road, Jalan Ramlee. Just ask at reception for information on renting a room. Note that the 'Serviced Apartments' are much, much more. Make clear you don't want it to be serviced! 1000RM less than nearby condos
Kuala Lumpur
If you want a good night out head for the 'Changkak Bukiti Bintang' street. It's off the main Bukit Bintang road, take the turn by KFC. You'll go past a street market and downhill, into what looks like nothing, then you'll pass the Radius hotel and see a load of bars (including several Irish bars), restaurants and some small clubs. This place is packed out on weekends with both tourists and locals. Do a recce in day time to find the road if you want to be sure before going out at night. Place to be for nightlife
Kuala Lumpur
Zouk nightclub is one of the nearest things to a euro nightclub in KL. Located opposite Hotel Maya on Jalan Ampang. Pricey, especially on weekends so would suggest going in the week when there are 2 for 1 drink promotions, ladies nite etc. Like most places in Kl its dead before around 12am but don't leave it too late as ques can get big and no one wants to be stood in the rain. The outside bistro style bar has no entrance fee. Be aware that there are no other clubs/bars near zouk Nightlife
Kuala Lumpur
Heritage Row. This is located next to the The Sheridan hotel (take next monorail stop after Bukik Nanas) and used to be very popular but clubs come and go very quick in KL. Nevertheless it still has a few good clubs at weekend, such as Loft. These are located towards the far end and on the right hand side if you're walking down from Sheridan. Entrance fee is expensive, like all places in KL, so be sure before you pay to go in.
My golden rule for clubbing in KL is this: If a place is still quiet by 12:30am cut your losses and go somewhere else.
Where to go out
Kuala Lumpur
Bangsar has a reputation as a place to be seen on weekends, although if you're not going with a group of friends it can be a bit awkward as its very much a cafe style vibe. Friends relaxing and chatting. Worth a look on one weekend night though and there are plenty of shops and restaurants around fuelled by expensive residential property all around. There's no rail link to Bangsar, the station called Bangsar is around 1km from the shopping and night life, so you'll need a taxi or be prepared for a sizeable walk. To get to shopping etc turn right out of Bangsar station and follow the main road as it goes right, around the may bank, and heads uphill. Place to try
Kuala Lumpur
The food court on the third floor of the KLCC (Petronas Towers) shopping center is great value. Large choice of local or western food (inc subway, mcdonalds) all for around 10rm. And you get to eat it overlooking the KLCC park out of the big glass windows. The food court is directly below the 4th floor cinema in the middle section of the mall. Cheap food
Kuala Lumpur
Reliable and trustworthy private taxi driver/tour guide if you need: Name is Dino. Number is 013-375 2017. English is ok.
Kuala Lumpur
I've stayed at both the lcct Tune hotel and the one in 'downtown' KL as they call it. The KL one is much better. Rooms almost double the size and cheaper. There is a subway downstairs, monorail is a short walk and some shopping complexes over the road. Ideal if you want to see the city center.
Best value in KL city center
Kuala Lumpur
I posted the earlier review about the Tune hotels and would just like to add a small word of warning. I stay with Tune all the time for short business stays in or around KL/the airport, but the glitchy online booking caught me out and I booked the same stay twice. My mistake was not to wait for long enough after the first attempt froze. I know you can cancel a booking easily, through the website, which I did. However it turns out you don't get your money back, you get a credit for the same amount as you paid to use at Tune (not AirAsia) within 6 months. Just to let you all know. Tune refund policy
Kuala Lumpur
Taxis and price of alcohol are the two worst things about KL. The locals say the same, about the taxis anyway (the muslims are probably not concerned by alcohol price!).
Unlike most Asian countries, where a Taxi Meter means a Taxi Meter, in KL turning on a meter is a last resort for these guys. For a few years they have been made to carry big signs on the doors saying they must use the meter, but they still won't!
You'll say where you want to go and instead of taking you they will offer a fixed price. This will be at least twice of what it would be on the meter. And if it is raining or busy traffic they will try to charge more.
It's illegal but don't get into a fight as they can be dangerous. Just walk on if you're not prepared to be ripped off, or at least try and bargain with them.
The only circumstances most locals or expats will take a taxi is by buying a ticket at the airports or major shopping centers, where prices are fixed. The shopping centers with an official taxi service are KLCC (Petronas Towers), Times Square (Imbi monorail stop), KL Sentral and I think Pavillion.
Kuala Lumpur
Expats looking for cheap furniture, there is an IKEA at Damansara. Take the Kelana Jaya LRT line from city and then you can either get a shuttle bus the short distance from the station to the store or get a taxi.
Taxis are available outside the store to take you back - you'd be amazed what they can fit into a car! Alternatively, IKEA deliver if you are prepared to wait.
Cheap furniture
Kuala Lumpur
Be aware that the Beach Club on J. Ramlee, which looks like a great party venue, is actually full of working girls. I've heard horror stories about drinks being spiked and atm cards emptied. Shame as the music is good and it's always full... but now you know why :-)
Kuala Lumpur
Attention fellow Apple Fanatics! The store in KLCC has prices much better for most Apple products than we can get in Europe. Not sure if its the exchange rate, tax or cheaper shipping costs (everything Apple is made in nearby china) but the prices are notably lower for Ipads and Macbooks.
Example. As soon as Ipad 3 ('new ipad') came out price in KLCC store was 1499rm and the ipad 2 dropped to 1199rm. Use the currency converter below to see what that would be for your country.
Cheap Apple goods
Kuala Lumpur
Best shopping centres for bargains, can be found on the Bukit Bintang road and also Times Square is worth a look. The Pavillion nearby is a massive shopping mall but like KLCC it is aimed at the top end.
Kuala Lumpur
"Old Town White Coffee" chain is a good priced option for Coffee and light food. They are not in KLCC but are present in most of the other big shopping malls. Cheap coffee and food
Kuala Lumpur
Hope you don't need this advice, but when I got a strong fever in KL local friends advised me to go to the "Tung Shin Hospital". It's seen as a good balance between good medical care and price. I have to say they treated me professionally and I got better soon after with the medication they provided. The price was only around 20rm I think as an outpatient. Just walk in and say you want to see a doctor. You will need to register the first time but it's not difficult. Doctors seemed western educated. Tung Shin Hospital is on the Pudu road, between the Maybank building and Bukit Bintang. Your life, potentially
Kuala Lumpur
The Hard Rock Cafe is a cool place to go on weekends, listen to some live music and watch sport. It's also expensive. So my advice is to go on a Sunday night as there is no cover charge, unlike on Friday or Saturday. There is also a good live band ('Big Band' although they change from time to time) on a Sunday night and if you are into football they have TVs showing the premiership games live. Avoid cover charge at Hard Rock Cafe
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
The free wifi now in the LCCT airport saves me money because I don't have to go to Starbucks anymore to get online! Wish BKK would do the same, but in Thailand every user seems to need some sort of login by law so won't hold my breath...
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
The Kuala Lumpur airport has two terminals and there is no direct link. KLIA (international) is the main airport while LCCT (low cost) is smaller but much busier as its where all the Air Asia flights depart/arrive. Make sure you're at the correct one. Don't miss flight
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
The Tune Hotel at LCCT airport is ideal if you need somewhere to stay for a night. You can see the hotel from the LCCT terminal and there is a taxi shuttle from outside the front of LCCT to Tune every 15mins (cost 1RM). There is a 7-eleven and a few cafes/restaurants at the hotel or you can just go to the terminal to eat. Book in advance over internet as sometimes it is full. Earlier you book the cheaper. Rooms are tiny though, just for sleeping. Tip, the atm at the hotel only seems to work for local cards so so you'll need to get any cash from the LCCT terminal. Earlier you book the more you save
Kuala Lumpur
The Indian-type restaurants that are open 24hours a day are popular and extremely cheap in KL. Easy one to find and try is opposite Crown Regency apartments (and Coffee Bean cafe) on Jalan Ramlee, the main road leading to the Towers. Note that the arab grilled food section is expensive. Go for the self service range of curries. Meal and drink can be as little as 8RM even in this location. 8RM meal
Kuala Lumpur -  Airport
Have lived in KL for a few years. Here is a complete guide to getting from the airport. You'd think it'd be simple, but it's not. I'll spread it over several posts.
First, as someone has said, the two airport terminals are a fair way apart (several km by road). This is because the LCCT was an 'afterthought' but is now having to be expanded due to popularity of AirAsia. That means you have different options depending on which terminal.
FROM KLIA to KL SENTRAL Most long haul flights got to KLIA, which has a direct rail link to the city. This is the cheapest and quickest way to get into KL. The train goes to KL Sentral which is the main train hub for the city. I'll talk about getting from Sentral to heart of KL city later.
Alternatively you can get a taxi from KLIA. Purchase an official taxi ticket from the terminal (follow signs). Expect between 70-100RM to get to city, depending on which part.
Cheapest & Quickest
Kuala Lumpur - Airport
FROM LCCT to KL SENTRAL This is where it gets complicated. As mentioned the planners didn't bargain on AirAsia/cheap flights being so popular so the LCCT terminal has no direct rail link to the city.
Don't be fooled by all the adverts for the train making it sound like it's direct from LCCT to Sentral and vica versa. It's not. It;s direct to KLIA and you have to take a bus for part of the way if you are going to-from LCCT. It's still a viable option but having to change midway through your journey is too much hassle for me. The other option is to get the transit bus (outside front of LCCT terminal) from LCCT to KLIA (a considerable journey) and then get the train from KLIA.
Taxis are an option because there is an official taxi desk in the LCCT terminal so can pay a fixed price (again 70-100RM) and you don't have to deal with the usual rip off taxi prices. Driver gets paper slip and he takes you to the location. Worth considering if in a group and can share cost.
But the cheapest way is to take one of the buses that go from LCCT to Sentral (and vice versa) direct. This is how the locals get to and from LCCT. The cost is only 8RM each way! One of the buses is run by AirAsia so you might hear it plugged on the flight.
Don't worry about buying a ticket beforehand though. Just walk out of the LCCT terminal and walk to the far left and you'll see a line of buses (not the buses right in front of the terminal). Just walk up and guys will ask you if you want a ticket. They put your suitcase under and then you go aboard. The bus goes direct to KL Sentral. No stopping along the way.
90% cheaper than Taxi
Kuala Lumpur - KL Sentral

So you've got to KL Sentral and now want to get to the city centre (where most of the hotels/hostels are). You have three options.
1) Use official taxi desk inside KL Sentral to buy a ticket for a taxi. Taxi desk is at back of KL Sentral, relative to city centre. Expect to pay 10-20RM. Fixed pricing so no rip offs. If the taxi driver tells you you need to pay more later he's lying.
2) Take the monorail, which runs in a line through the city centre. To catch this you need to walk out of KL Sentral and across the road to the terminal. You cannot catch it from inside KL Sentral (nice planning that) so follow the signs for 'Monorail'.
3) Take a faster underground train from inside KL Sentral itself. Less station options than Monorail for City Centre but much faster and, the big plus for tourists, the 'Commuter' train ('Kelana Jaya' Line) goes direct to the Petronas Towers. There is a station underneath. Just buy a ticket from the machines, using touch screen and cash, to say where you want to go.
Hope that all helps guys.
Best KL Transport
If you are going to Penang, Batu Ferringhi is the area to stay in. It's where the best beaches are and tourist facilities. Anywhere else and it's quite dull Cost of transport each day from another area
Port Dixon
Port Dixon is the nearest beachside resort to KL. To be honest nothing special if you are used to Phuket, Langkawi etc but it's ok for a few days. Don't make the mistake I did in going on weekend though, that's when everyone goes and prices are silly. Go in the week and you can  get 50% discount (according to the signs). 50% discount
Sepang F1
Malaysia is a great place to visit if you want to see an F1 or MotoGP race for cheap. Prices for hotels go up all around KL when the races are on, especially F1, but it's nothing compared with most grand prix events (inc Singapore).
There is no public transport to Sepang F1 so you need your own car or a taxi and bear in mind it will be extremely busy even though there is a major roadway linking the track to KL and the airport.
My advice would be to stay at an airport hotel, booked well in advance, then get a taxi to and from the track each day. Pre-arrange where to be dropped off (main gate) and picked up. If you stay at LCCT Tune there is a tour center downstairs which you can book transport with and name the time you want collecting each day. Price 35 rm each way.
Alternatively you can go to the airport and buy a taxi ticket to Sepang for a fair price (about 30rm one-way) but you will then need to find a taxi to take you back from the track. Most taxis want the big money trips to KL city so not keen on just going to track and back. If you are really stuck go to the Petronas garage opposite Sepang F1 entrance - all the taxis re-fuel here before going to airport and someone will take you.

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