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 Various This is an extension of an idea I read on the Malaysia page re. Apple goods.
As the guy pointed out, you can buy official Apple products (in official Apple stores) much cheaper in Asia than in the west. He recommended the Apple shop in the KLCC shopping centre and I second that.But I would also add that if you travel regularly in Asia you can guarantee the absolute best (official product) price by getting a heads up on all the local prices from the apple website!
This is how you do it:Go to and then use the 'choose your country or region' option at the bottom of the homepage to select an Asian country you will visiting.Once in the homepage for that country, click on the 'store' link or a 'shop in the apple online store' link.
That will take you to a page such as this (for Thailand): where the prices of all official apple products for sale in Thailand can be seen. Use a currency converter to work out the price in your currency.Because Apple is quite strict on setting prices, the price you see will be an almost exact match for an in-store price at an official apple shop in that country.
Now change the country to another location, click on the store link and convert the currency again to see how much you would pay for the same product. It is rarely exactly the same.Due to differences in currency, import tax and shipping it is possible to easily save $100 USD (versus Western price) on a new iPad, iPhone, Mac by price-checking in this way.
The price difference between west/asia means I usually get an Apple shopping list from friends each time I'm coming back home. If you want to do that don't bring more than one of the same item and get rid of the packaging, so you can claim they are not new and personal use, or you could get hit with import tax at the airport.Happy saving!(KL Mike).
$100 cheaper iPad
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Attention fellow Apple Fanatics! The store in KLCC has prices much better for most Apple products than we can get in Europe. Not sure if its the exchange rate, tax or cheaper shipping costs (everything Apple is made in nearby china) but the prices are notably lower for Ipads and Macbooks.
Example. As soon as Ipad 3 ('new ipad') came out price in KLCC store was 1499rm and the ipad 2 dropped to 1199rm. Use the currency converter below to see what that would be for your country.
Cheaper official Apple goods