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Chiang Mai - Thailand
This is just to say thank you to the people warning about room deposits.
I paid a 10,000 baht deposit to a private landlord, two months of rent. When I wanted to move out I followed the information about asking him to take the last month rent (5000) and any outstanding utility bills (around 2000) out of the deposit and give me whatever is left.
Long story short I never got any change from the deposit and when a drove by today, I see he hasn’t paid any of the utility bills either! The bills are all stuffed in the door.
So it seems he’s pocketed the remaining 5000 from the deposit, but at least I’ve only lost 2-3000 baht, taking the bills into account, rather than 7-8000 if I’d paid the last month of rent as well. So thanks!
Chiang Mai - Thailand
They are not the cheapest but there are some nice riverside restaurants not far from center of Chiang Mai. Head away from the old city in the direction of the night market (east) then keep going until you get to the river.
Go over the river using the main bridge and then turn left. You’ll see a series of restaurants to choose from. It is too far to walk if your hotel is city centre, but an easy scooter ride.

Chiang Mai - Thailand
If you are planning to travel around Thailand, north and south, save the majority of your shopping for the northern areas (such as Chiang Mai).
Prices are much lower in the north than the south and the goods for sale, such as beach clothes - branded t-shirts and shorts - are exactly the same as in Phuket and Koh Samui, but the prices are 30-50% lower.
In fact, pretty much everything is cheaper in the north.

 Chiang Mai - Thailand If you want a bit of luxury in Chiang Mai at a competitive price - and can get over the weird name - the 'Maninarakorn' hotel is worth a look. Market and old town within easy walking distance. Tip, if you want to keep the price down stay in the rooms in the building opposite the lobby. Those are cheaper than in the main building.
Chiang Mai - Thailand Eat at the night market for a good choice of cheap food. Cheapest food in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai - Thailand This hotel is in a good location (near the moat) and priced well: "Montri Hotel". Has wifi decent breakfast etc. Good value
Thailand Attention Air Asia flyers: They are moving ALL their flights from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport to the old Don Mueang airport by Oct. 1st (2012)!
So if you fly into Bangkok from Europe, USA, Australia you will probably land at Suv. but now need to travel to Don Mueang to fly on to Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and other places with Air Asia. Big hassle and unless Don Mueang has improved it's small, hot, old and very little to do.
Nok Air was the only airline that stuck with Don Mueang after Suv. was built. I'd estimate travel time between the airports at around 1 hour, but varies depending on traffic. Air Asia are offering the chance to change flights or a credit. It's not been made clear if the flight changes will start from Oct 1 or be finished by Oct 1 so check your ticket carefully from now on to be sure where you should be/are going. (Geoff).
Check Air Asia tickets
 Thailand Taking one of the many cheap buses from Bangkok to the north (Chiang Mai, Laos etc) or south (Phuket, Koh Samui) may seem tempting but its at least an 8-10 hour drive. The drivers are overworked and so often fall asleep or take 'enhancements' (legal or otherwise) to stay awake. Better to take a cheap flight and only 1000-2000 baht more. (Chris, England)