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Bangkok Airport AirAsia Fly Thru is so cool! First your luggage goes all the way to the final destination, but the biggest perk is when you connect in Bangkok you don't have to go through the normal (overcrowded) immigration queue.
Instead they take you to a special immigration area, with virtually no queue, and then you pass straight into the departure area to wait for the next flight. Also, if you miss the connection, you become AirAsia's responsibility. If you book two separate AirAsia flights yourself and the first is late and you miss the second, AirAisa won't do much to help.

All If you use online check-in for a flight, never trust the app or website completely. Always take a screenshot of your boarding card after you check in online, which you can use as a back-up. On most phones you do this by pressing the on/off button and home buttons at the same time.
This is especially important if connecting internationally, since even an app on your phone will often need an internet connection to show the boarding card.

All Want a row to yourself on a plane?
There is never any guarantee, but give yourself a better chance by looking at the seat map just before you check in, and move to an empty row.
Some people do not book their seats before flying, so there will always be more people than are shown on the seat map, so best to pick the middle of a block of empty rows.
Bangkok - Don Mueang Airport Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport has expanded to two terminals. That's great as it was desperately overcrowded after AirAsia switched to it. The only problem is that signposting between the terminals (where you are, and which is which) is non-existent.
Here is what you need to know:
* The old terminal is now only for International flights.
* The new terminal is for Domestic.
* If you arrive at the International terminal and want Domestic, turn left as you exit customs.
* If you arrive at Domestic and want International, walk to your right.

Bangkok - Don Mueang Airport

Simple yet annoying: There are no ATMs after security in the domestic part of Bangkok's Don Mueang airport.
Bangkok Airport

‘Maison’ restaurant is a decent, reasonably priced place to eat if you have time to kill before check-in at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok. It’s alongside the other restaurants on floor below departures, near Boots.

Use your own headphones on the plane. They will be more comfortable and of higher quality than the ones the airlines give you. Best of all you can use them right until you land, whereas some airlines collect their headlines an hour before. Planes have double pin headphone plug-ins, to stop people stealing their headlines, but the normal single headphone jack still works. Plug into one of the two holes, move the connector in and out slightly until you get the best sound. Comfort
Various Priced up an Emirates flight, KL-London return, on the official website. It showed me a table of flights and the cheapest prices for each day of the month. I then did the same on and saw to my horror that Emirates themselves were offering the very same flights for 1000rm cheaper! Same dates. Same airports.
Clicked to buy the flights on Skyscanner and it sent me to to complete the booking! So everything was the same except the price. My ticket is directly from Emirates as usual and has my airmiles listed. Because skyscanner is a comparison website showing flights from many carriers, Emirates must be offering special prices to come out near the top of the flight list. This old dog just learnt a new trick.
Best price on official Emirates tickets
Various Emirates charge an extra £20 per adult from all UK Airports on Friday and Saturdays. They also charge an extra 75% of that fee per child and 10% per infant. The extra charge for “travel to Dubai” is listed as £35. I’m not sure if that includes connection flights, but anyway it soon adds up if you are flying with your family. Even single flyers can save the equivalent of an expensive free meal by avoiding Friday or Saturday Emirates flights. (Graham). £20 per adult on Emirates flights
Dubai Airport I travel frequently too and from Thailand connecting in Dubai. There is free wifi available throughout Dubai Airport called "Maxspot". It is the official free airport wifi - the landing page confirms this - but because of the weird "Maxspot" wifi name not many people know about it and go to overpriced coffee shops instead. Free WiFi
Various With Air Asia about to launch its latest sale (flights from Aug 20) here is a link to Air Asia's Booking Tips page:
( via Twitter)

Various Here are two tools that all Air Asia passengers should be aware of:
1) Online Fees & Charges link. Full price list including baggage fees (by weight), fuel surcharge, handling fees etc
2) Air Asia has a great new feature that shows flight prices over a four-week period.
Look for the button on the right hand of the Search Flights page, which says "View by Month. Find low fares with our four week chart".
This option appears on the page after you select origin, destination, dates etc.
( via Twitter)
Reduce flight costs and charges

 Various Firstly, the post by Greg on DCC is one of the best I have read. It allowed me to finally put 2+2 together regarding the currency options when buying a ticket for Air Asia online.
I have always wondered which currency I should pay in, as it flashes up all these warning boxes whatever you chose.
If you set it to pay in a local currency, it says something warning that the currency is different from your card. But if you change the currency to the same as your card, you get another warning!
Thanks to Greg it's now clear to me what is happening. The first warning, that the payment is not the same as your card, is just to try and scare you into changing the currency to your home country.
That is the DCC bit, so Air Asia then hit you with a bad exchange rate when they convert the price to your currency. The warning box that appears for that is a legal requirement to let you "accept" the DCC rate (like Greg was experiencing with the ATM) even though its far from clear that is what you are doing.
Air Asia does not tell you what exchange rate they will use for the conversion and in my view it is very dodgy.
I have some evidence to back this theory up. I booked two sets of flights, one in the local currency and the other in my home currency. When it converted to my home currency the price shot up by almost 8% from the estimate given on the page where you fill in your card details!
But when I paid in the local currency the price paid, when I checked my Credit Card bill to see what it had been converted at by my bank, was near enough a straight conversion from the figure quoted on the Air Asia card details page.
From now on I'm only paying for Air Asia flights in a local currency.
The only part I'm still not 100 per cent on is which currencies they use DCC on and which they do not. I think if you pay in Thai baht or Malaysian Ringet you will be safe and the slightly different wording of the pop up "warning" messages should be a tip off.
Happy travels! (Wes).
Avoid 8% Air Asia ticket rise due to DCC
 Kuala Lumpur The Kuala Lumpur airport has two terminals and there is no direct link. KLIA (international) is the main airport while LCCT (low cost) is smaller but much busier as its where all the Air Asia flights depart/arrive. Make sure you're at the correct one. Don't miss flight
 Various This is a interesting idea worth checking out. It's long been known that airlines show a different price depending on where you access their website from. It seems Air Asia does this depending on which location you select when it asks you to pick a country on
As there is an English option for most countries you can test it out by checking the price of the same flight when selecting Thailand, Malaysia or Philippines as your 'location'. You can book air asia flights from outside Asia anyway, so picking your real location is not important.Best to do this from a different computer or browser each time as probably saves cookies so they know what flights you have already looked at and will make sure you see the same price. Also make sure you log-in after you have selected the flight you want. Logged-in users sometimes get charged higher prices because they are less likely to shop around.
I was skeptical about there being an AA difference based on country until I was sat on a flight next to someone from the Philippines who had also booked online, after me, but paid significantly less! I saw their ticket to be sure. They seemed to know all about it and told me as the Philippines is one of the poorest Asian countries (with an English language option) its the best one to select as your location when trying to get the cheapest Air Asia price online.
Currency variations could also be behind the price differences, but either way there seems to be a saving to be made.
 Air Asia price differences
Various Some potentially money saving info for Air Asia flyers. First, if you are connecting between two AA flights and there is at least 3 hrs between each then you will get money back if the first flight is delayed and you miss the second. Less than 3 hrs and they won't help. Second tip is that AA flights tend to get later as the day goes on. I know this from countless BKK to KUL flights. If you fly early you have a 10-20% chance of being delayed. By the end of the day (when all the delays accumulate) this rises to around 40-50% chance of some delay, in my experience. (PP) Cheapest
Various Remember to book at least a month in advance to get the cheapest air asia tickets and have a pair of travel scales to weigh your baggage as if you go more than 1kg over for check-in weight they charge you big time. You are only supposed to have one hand luggage of 7.5kg max. My advice is if you think you'll be over, take some things out and put in your pockets during check-in (laptop charger in back pocket is my favorite!) After checked in they rarely re-check the weight.
Avoid Air Asia charges
 Various Attention Air Asia flyers: They are moving ALL their flights from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport to the old Don Muang airport by Oct. 1st (2012)! So if you fly into Bangkok from Europe, USA, Australia you will probably land at Suv. but now need to travel to Don Mueang to fly on to Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and other places with Air Asia. Big hassle and unless Don Mueang has improved it's small, hot, old and very little to do. Nok Air was the only airline that stuck with Don Mueang after Suv. was built. I'd estimate travel time between the airports at around 1 hour, but varies depending on traffic. Air Asia are offering the chance to change flights or a credit. It's not been made clear if the flight changes will start from Oct 1 or be finished by Oct 1 so check your ticket carefully from now on to be sure where you should be/are going. (Geoff).
Check Air Asia tickets
 Bangkok - Thailand I've never thought of using the bus from Udon to Bangkok before, as I assumed they'd be the usual local standard buses - old, shoddy and uncomfortable for what would be a 7 hour journey. But I went to the Udon bus station today and inside some of the luxury buses looks better than most planes!
Two stories with big seats, lots of leg room, TV, WiFi, food and drink all provided. Price (one way) 560 baht! That's about 1000 baht cheaper than Air Asia's best deal to BKK. Worth a look if you want to save money. You can also get one of these luxury buses at 10:45pm from Udon so you'd sleep most of the way and wake up in Bangkok.
 1000 baht cheaper than Air Asia 
 Bangkok - Thailand Just a quick note for those that don't know but Bangkok has two main airports - Suvarnabhumi (new big one) and Don Muang (old main airport). They are about 30mins apart depending on traffic. Just about all international flights use Suvarnabumi but some regional flights use Dong Muang including 'Nok Air'. UPDATED: Air Asia now also flies from Dong Muang. (Miss M)
UPDATE: AirAsia has moved to Don Muang Airport - AffordAsia.