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Bangkok - Thailand

'North East Family' restaurant on Sukhumvit road in Bangkok is a great place to go to get away from all the tourist orientated restaurants and enjoy some authentic Thai food. Som Tam etc. Authentic Thai food in Sukhumvit
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Try to get food from major restaurant chains and coffeeshops delivered in KL: "Founded in 2003, Room Service, a Food Runner company, is THE one-stop food delivery portal for all your hunger needs. Served over 1 million hungry customers, enjoy on-time food delivery to your doorsteps with our premium "hotel-like" service. We deliver from 11am - 11pm, everyday, 365 days a year, rain or shine."
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Saw a restaurant that was always full of locals and thought I'd give it a try. Good decision. It's kind of like an Indonesian version of Nandos - much cheaper and just as nice. In fact nicer in my opinion as Nandos don't seem to cook their chicken as much as I'd like in Asia. The name of the restaurant chain is "Dapur Penyet". Don't be put off by name as menu is in English. They have a website The one I went to was in the front of a shopping centre opposite the Tune Hotel in KL. Ended up going just about every day. Meal + drink around 13RM. 50% of Nandos price
Chiang Mai - Thailand They are not the cheapest but there are some nice riverside restaurants not far from center of Chiang Mai. Head away from the old city in the direction of the night market (east) then keep going until you get to the river.
Go over the river using the main bridge and then turn left. You’ll see a series of restaurants to choose from. It is too far to walk if your hotel is city centre, but an easy scooter ride.

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia The food court on the third floor of the KLCC (Petronas Towers) shopping center is great value. Large choice of local or western food (inc subway, mcdonalds) all for around 10rm. And you get to eat it overlooking the KLCC park out of the big glass windows. The food court is directly below the 4th floor cinema in the middle section of the mall. Cheap Food
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia "Old Town White Coffee" chain is a good priced option for Coffee and light food. They are not in KLCC but are present in most of the other big shopping malls. Cheap coffee and food
Thailand One of the simplest ways to save noticeable money travelling is to make your own meal once a day.
It’s not always easy to do, depending on what facilities you have where you are staying, but if you carry a bowl and spoon then it’s easy to put cereal and milk together for breakfast.
Many shops sell cereal with a disposable bowl and sometimes a spoon included, so just buy some fresh milk to go with it. When you do eat out, try to buy your own drinks beforehand - a bottle of water for example - from places like 7-Elevens. Drinks are often where prices are inflated the most.
If you can save 100 baht a day this way, that’s 700 a week and 2,800 baht a month with very little effort. (Tony)
My Tip: Check out Subway's "sub of the day" offer. That, combined with a drink from 7-Eleven, is a great cheap meal.
2,800 baht a month
Chiang Mai - Thailand
Eat at the night market for a good choice of cheap food. Cheapest food in Chiang Mai
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
The Indian-type restaurants that are open 24hours a day are popular and extremely cheap in KL. Easy one to find and try is opposite Crown Regency apartments (and Coffee Bean cafe) on Jalan Ramlee, the main road leading to the Towers. Note that the arab grilled food section is expensive. Go for the self service range of curries. Meal and drink can be as little as 8RM even in this location. 8RM meal
Phuket - Thailand There is night market selling cheap, mainly local food towards the southern end of Patong beach. In a bit from the beachfront. You sit in the middle and chose from various restaurants around outside. Big savings compared with going to a normal restaurant. Always busy. Cheap food in Patong
Udon Thani - Thailand
The food court area of the UD Town night market has a good selection of cheap food and drink, although naturally most is local based food. There is also a smaller food court located in the older market on the other side of the train station (with the green roof). These areas are where most locals eat so you can't find better value. You can also buy food to take home. Cheap quality food in Udon
Udon Thani - Thailand Local steak restaurant opposite Ruy Suk hotel offers decent meat steaks (Beef/Pork/Chicken/Fish) with a few fries and a drink for less than 100 baht. Their English is ok and you can eat there or ask them to deliver if you're staying nearby. Location is opposite side of road from Ruy Suk and about 50m towards city center. Look for the 'steak' sign. (Charlie, USA) Good value
Udon Thani - Thailand All western food is highly priced in Udon, but best value is the Chern Chim pub/restaurant/food store. As well as pub type meals (inc. English breakfast) at reasonable prices they also import western food and drink. I've seen other western restaurant owners in Udon coming to buy their stock from here when I've been eating which says it all. Run by a nice British/Thai couple. For directions and more info: Best priced western food in Udon
Phuket - Thailand
All the restaurants selling western food in Patong are expensive so a good way to save money is find a hotel with a good buffet breakfast - and make sure you make the most of it! Baan Laimai hotel on beachfront is one, although rooms are pricey. One meal less a day to pay for