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Bangkok - Thailand
It’s got an unfortunate name for western ears, but Bangkok’s Bumrungrad Hospital is the best hospital in Thailand. Period. If you have a serious illness or injury it is THE place to go, unless you plan to leave the country. Their website is Best Hospital in Thailand
North Thailand Happy New Year all. Having overeaten at xmas one of my tooth crowns finally gave up on me. After spending the past week traipsing around recommended dentists, here is a typical price list for those interested:
Filling - 500 baht.
Tooth out - 750 baht.
Root canal treatment (and crown?) - 9,000 baht.
Dentures - 3,000-6,0000 baht.
Tooth Implant - 50,000+ baht.
Prices for good dental work
 Thailand If you need urgent medical treatment it's best to head to a government (public) hospital.
There are loads of private hospitals in Thailand, but you need to make sure your insurance is water tight or you'll end up with a massive bill/no treatment. If you have no insurance, you MUST go to a public hospital or you'll be destroyed financially!
Best to use the private hospitals for planned treatment, where you can check all the costs first and have time to shop around. I've heard less complaints about public hospitals in Thailand than I have private ones, which may look great and have all the equipment, but if the staff don't know what the are doing it's not much use.
Tip: Look out for 'Army' or 'Military' hospitals, they are also public (government) run, so costs are low, but are often less busy. Despite the name they are open to anyone, including tourists. (Henry Miller).
Medical costs
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Hope you don't need this advice, but when I got a strong fever in KL local friends advised me to go to the "Tung Shin Hospital". It's seen as a good mix of medical care and price.
I have to say they treated me professionally and I got better soon after with the medication they provided. The price was only around 20rm I think as an outpatient. Just walk in and say you want to see a doctor. You will need to register the first time but it's not difficult. Doctors seemed western educated. Tung Shin Hospital is on the Pudu road, between the Maybank building and Bukit Bintang. (Brian S.)
Good KL Hospital
 Various If you have asthma, or just value breathing cleaner air, it's worth flicking open the front cover on the air con in your hostel room and checking the dust filters are clean. They are often heavily blocked. Just slide them out and wash the dust off under the tap then dry and replace. The air con will work better and any dust circulating in the room should get caught in the filter.  Health
Vietnam Word of advice about drinking the local beer. 'Saigon green' or 'red'. Quality control is poor so you can sometimes feel really rough after just one or two bottles and wonder why. Safer to drink imported beer (Heineken etc). Health
Saigon - Vietnam Bui Vien street floods when it rains heavily. You really don't want to walk in that water with any cuts in your feet, so be careful. If you are wearing flip-flop type shoes it'd also be really easy to cut your feet. (Sarah Lawrence).
 Various Stay away from dogs and cats, no matter how cute they look.
Rabies is a real risk in SE Asia. If you do get bitten or cut seek treatment straight away. You will require a course of injections if you are not vaccinated, just in case, without which you could die if the animal had rabies.
Alternative is to get vaccinated before you go but speak to you doctor as Rabies jab is not as simple as most vaccinations and has side effects to consider. They will advise to weigh up the risks.
But if you get bitten you will have no choice but to undergo the treatment - urgently.
 India This warning story is from India but I think it could happen in many off the beaten track places.
A business acquaintance of mine was on holiday and bought a bottle of water from a small side of the road stall...
He was later violently sick and had to be flown back to Malaysia.
The Doctors suspect the stall holder was just filling the bottles with water from a hose.
It took him over a year to get fully better.
I always buy water from a known-brand shop or supermarket and make a point to check that the cap wrapping is still in place.
But there are still times where I'll be at a house or event and get offered water from a bottle that's already been opened and think to myself "I wonder".
 Various I’ve noticed some travel insurance companies only have their cheapest deals on comparison sites. If you look for those same deals on the official websites of the insurance companies they are not there.
The special deals are to make sure they appear near the top of comparison websites, but they have worked out they can charge more if you go straight to their website because their prices are not being directly compared with their rivals. 
 Medical Insurance
 Various Further to your Tweet about motorcycle safety, I'd add that people riding bikes need to check the small print of their travel insurance.
Many companies do not cover motorcycle accidents as standard, you have to select it as an add-on, and if you are riding without a helmet, drunk or without owning a motorcycle license (sometimes a CBT license is enough, other companies will want a full license) then they will not pay out for any hospital fees.
 Motorcycle Insurance