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All This one is so simple, but worth remembering: If you want to leave lights on in your hotel room when you are out, but only have one key card, just insert any card you have with a magnetic strip. Usually the electric will stay on while you are out, good if you don't trust the people in your hotel and want to leave a TV going. You can also keep the air con on for a few hours to cool the room while you are out in the evening. Just remember to take your card out before the room is cleaned in the day.
Bangkok - Thailand

Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 is a good value (not cheap) hotel just off Sukhumvit road. Here is how to get an upgrade for no 'extra' cost.
Firstly book the cheapest room you can, through Agoda for example, for around 2,000 baht. Make sure you do NOT pay for breakfast to be included to keep price down. Every time I have stayed at the hotel they have offered room upgrades on a sign at reception when you check in. So for about 600 baht per night you can upgrade to a deluxe room.
The trick is that this upgrade also includes free breakfast. As breakfast costs 300-400 baht per person, you can actually save money by buying the upgrade and getting free breakfast instead of staying in the cheaper room and buying breakfast (as long as there are at lest two of you staying)!
Free upgrade at a good hotel
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
The new Tune Hotel at KLIA2 is a massive improvement on the old hotel at LCCT. For those that stayed at LCCT Tune and said 'ever again' give the new one a go. Rooms are twice the size of LCCT, you don't need to pay for add-ons (air con, towels, TV). At least at the moment. And best of all the location - there is a covered walkway from terminal to hotel and it's only a few minutes walk. No need for shuttle bus.
The signs to find the hotel from inside the terminal are not good. But this will get you near: Walk straight forwards out of arrivals and keep going until you reach the end of the terminal, then turn left and go down a travelator to the floor below. From there it is signposted.

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Promocode: 20% discount for Tune Hotel in Kuala Lumpur cit, use "klia2guest". The discount is being offered to people that stay as a guest at KLIA2, but is only for city center Tune. No expiry date given so worth a try. 20% discount
Hau Hin - Thailand
Random notes for visiting Hua Hin. Much better alternative to Pattaya for those seeking a beach near Bangkok. More chilled out, clean and friendly, but a little further away. Expect to pay 2000-2500 baht for a taxi from Bangkok. It takes 2.5 hours if traffic is good but allow for 3.5-4 hours at peak times.
Nice clean white sand on Hua Hin beach. For Cha am beach to the north, check before booking as some areas do not have much sand.
Caution for those that like 5* hotels - there are some big rocks in the sea directly in front of the Hilton and Grand Centara. From Baan Laksasubha resort (next to Centara) southwards is most quiet area on Hau Hin beach as there is limited public access for those not staying in a beachfront hotel.
If you are on a budget and going for the bar life the City Beach hotel is located next to one of the main bar roads. The Chao Lay seafood restaurant is a favourite among the locals and those in the know. Busy every night.
You can take a tour and visit temples, floating markets just outside Hua Hin but in all honestly the beach is the best thing about Hua Hin.

 Various Wash clothes in your hotel room! I travelled for years before starting to do it but it’s so simple. You not only save money but have peace of mind that things are not going to go missing or damaged and you can cut down significantly on the amount of clothes you need to carry.
Just buy some washing powder from a 7-eleven and pour in the sink with warm water. Make sure the powder is fully dissolved then just squeeze, twist and dunk each item of clothing repeatedly in the soapy water for 30 seconds or so! Then I throw all the soapy clothes into the shower and turn it on to rinse all the soap out.
Next wring out the excess water and put clothes on hangers (bring a few extra from home, plus a few pegs etc) in the bathroom until the water stops dripping from them. If you can then hang the clothes in direct sunlight they will dry in just a few hours. If not leave the wet clothes inside the room with a fan going or window open and they should be done in a day.
The key is to make sure the wet clothes do not touch each other when during so leave air space between them when you hang them up. If you hang the clothes neatly ironing is also not normally required. If you are unsure just wash underwear and socks first. That alone will save on the amount you need to carry.
Try it! If you need to dry things like underwear really quickly just place them inside a towel, then wring the towel as tightly as you can and it will suck out the water from the wet clothes.
Singapore Try 'Serangoon Road' for somewhere to stay at reasonable price in Singapore. It’s in the Little India area and not far from Orchard Road. Accommodation
Bali - Indonesia The two Tune Hotels (Kuta and Legian) or the Amaris among decent budget hotels to book before you arrive, then you can look at other accommodation once in Bali. Tune is the cheapest of these, but Amaris has WiFi, air con, TV, breakfast thrown in, plus a swimming pool.
Save money on laundry by using local shops not your hotel (a lot of budget hotels don't even offer laundry anyway). 20 mixed items will be about 50,000 including ironing. They work quick. Ready next morning. (Luke)
Cheap hotels to start from
Kuala Lumpur Airport - Malaysia
So, talk about the Tune Hotel at LCCT made me remember. Room 113 has a good problem..... the timer on the air con does not work. It always shows 24 hours. You never have to pay for any more air con like normal :-) Maybe they read this and fix but you can try to ask for this room. Free air con at Tune hotel
Bali - Indonesia This is in reply to Mel's post [in the Malaysia page] about how to get the Promo prices at Tune Hotels.
I'm also staying in a Tune Hotel right now (LCCT, KL) and picked up a leaflet about a special offer for the Tune Hotels in Bali. The leaflet was at reception.
Mel is right. Just booking early won't always get you the best deal.
The leaflet says the two ways to get the Promo price for Bali are:
1. Book online at " and enter the Promo code".
2. Walk in booking, "Present this flyer to our friendly hotel staff".
This fits with what Mel said, as Mel got the surprise Promo price by doing a "walk in booking".
But this is why I am really writing... Get ready!
The promo codes you need to get the Bali Hotel special offers when you book online are printed in the leaflet I picked up. Here they are:
Tune Hotel Kuta, Bali - Promo Code = KUTAWALK
Tune Hotel Legian, Bali - Promo Code = LEGIANWALK

You need to stay in the hotel between now and 30 April 2013.
I tried the codes to see if they worked. They do. The Promo price is 86,000 ($9) for a single room in either hotel at the end of March.
If you do not enter the Promo code the normal price is 150,000 a night.
I won't leave my name in case Tune don't like me writing these Promo codes online, but I don't think it's fair for people (like me) who always book online and don't have access to a code to now find out that we have been paying double the price. Grrrr....
Now the magic question - Does anyone know where to find discount codes for other Tune Hotels?
Discount Codes for 50% off Tune Hotels in Bali

 Various has some of the best hotel deals around, but they are also in on the currency converting price hike, the DCC described by others here, where they will charge you more for converting prices to your home currency.
Worryingly, some people have said that they are not even being offered a choice of which currency to pay in and Agoda are automatically converting to the customer’s home currency - costing a further 3-5% due to the bad exchange rate they use.
If you can, best thing is to always pay in Agoda’s home currency which is USD and let YOUR bank sort the conversion out. Unless you have a really bad bank.
Look up prices in USD to begin with (some people have problems trying to change later) and when you pay on Agoda a pop-up box should appear asking to confirm which currency you want to use (list of flags).
If you cannot see an option to pay in USD the next best choice is to pay in the local currency of the hotel, which should also be converted by your bank. Only chose to pay in your home currency if it is USD.
You won’t know for sure who has converted until you see your Credit Card statement. If the CC statement includes an exchange rate with the price paid then the bank has done the conversion. If the statement just lists a price paid like any other purchase you would make at home then Agoda has done it.
Avoid extra currency fees

 Various So this is what happened. I’m staying in a Tune Hotel now and I wanted to extend for two more days. I checked online on the website for a price then went to the front desk to ask for a price - without saying I had already looked online.
Well, the price at the desk was 60% cheaper!! Obviously I took it and didn’t want to question too much.
I then went back to my room and checked again online. Same room, same dates, same hotel - still more than double the price online!
I have the new receipt in my hand now and the reason for the price difference is that the hotel gave me the “Promo” rate at the desk. But online this Promo rate was not offered - only standard rate.
The hotel is less than half full, so makes sense they have Promo rates available, so why not online?
The tunehotels website even has an advert for my hotel boasting a cheap rate even better than I got at the desk ("prices from...") but it just takes me to the standard booking page and the price given was again a normal one, no Promo rate.
Is it because the website tracks my cookies and they know from my profile that I will probably pay the normal rate?
From what I can see the best chance you have to get the Promo rate online is to go to the Tunehotel Facebook page first. They seem to post discount codes quite often and if you click through from Facebook to the website you seem to see offers you don’t normally get. Without a discount code it seems impossible to get Promo prices.
But for me in future, if I can’t get a promo price online, I’ll just book for 1-2 nights and then go down to the front desk and ask to extend. (Mel).
60% cheaper than online price

 Thailand A good way to cut the price of a hotel (if you are not going to be waking up early) is to ask if breakfast is included in the price. It almost always is. Then just say how much without breakfast? (Karen)

100-200 baht a night
 Thailand You only have to look at all the wires hanging down from the poles to know electricity standards are poor in Thailand.
For those of us that say in cheap hostels it's a particular worry, although I've heard some upper class hotels are not much safer. Normal buildings rarely have an earth and biggest risk for westerners is the shower.
If you're not an electrician there's not much you can do other than have a close look and, if in any doubt, just have cold showers. This is what the locals do anyway, which is why more of them are not electrocuted. (TM)
 Various I never trust hotel safes when they are at the lobby. Heard too many stories about things going missing. If no room safe, I prefer to lock my valuables inside my suitcase and I also carry a small bike lock, which I can loop through the suitcase handle and lock to a bed post when I'm out. That stops anyone running off with the suitcase.  Theft prevention
Various If you are worried that your hotel might not be the safest, hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside the door when you go OUT. That way people will think you are in the room and also the room will only be cleaned when you are present.
Cleaners often leave the doors open when they clean to show they are not stealing, but when they clean the bathrooms it's easy for other guests or staff passing to grab anything you might have left in easy reach of the door.
I was told by a hotel manager about that. (Helen, UK)
Avoid theft
Bangkok Airport - Thailand This is a convenient hotel if you need to stay by the main airport (Suvarnabhumi). Name is "SP Powerlodge". 5mins from airport and transfers too and from are free . It's no frills and there is nothing to do nearby, but fine if you just want somewhere close, clean and safe to crash out. I book it through the tour operator with the big green sign located on the ground floor, on the right hand side of the building (if looking out of the airport). Affordable
 Chiang Mai - Thailand This hotel is in a good location (near the moat) and priced well: "Montri Hotel". Has wifi decent breakfast etc.
Good value
 Chiang Mai - Thailand If you want a bit of luxury in Chiang Mai at a competitive price - and can get over the weird name - the 'Maninarakorn' hotel is worth a look. Market and old town within easy walking distance. Tip, if you want to keep the price down stay in the rooms in the building opposite the lobby. Those are cheaper than in the main building.  Nice Hotel
 Koh Phangan - Thailand Not sure if I've spelt the Island name right but its the island with the full moon party. My advice is actually not to go when a party is on, or near, as you can get massive savings outside of the full moon party. The island has loads of other beaches and the best areas are all away from the full moon beach anyway IMO.
I stayed at a gorgeous place called the Grand Sea Resort just around the corner from the harbour, right by the sea with its own swimming pool and individual bungalows.
Just hire a motorcycle (all main hotels/resorts have them) and explore a different beach each day. One warning though, try to head back before nightfall unless you're in a group as some of the remote areas are pretty remote! Also some roads in the centre of the island are a real challenge to ride - steep and washed away. Don't attempt unless you are experienced rider. (Steve)

 Krabi - Thailand If you want to stay on Railay Island the "Sand Sea Resort" is a reasonable for cost and comfort. They have a main hotel and also lots of individual bungalows. I would stay there again.
 Krabi - Thailand Wanna's Place on Ao Nang beach is a Swiss-run hotel by the seafront. It has it's own swimming pool etc and is competitively priced.
 Pattaya - Thailand Most dangerous place in Thailand IMHO yet strangely attractive in a Wild West kind of way. If you go stay in a decent (safe) hotel and lock everything in a safe/suitcase. If you drink at the bars and bring anyone back be aware that spiking of drinks or chocolate is common. You'll wake up 12 hours later minus your valuables...  Safety
 Phuket - Thailand All the restaurants selling western food in Patong are expensive so a good way to save money is find a hotel with a good buffet breakfast - and make sure you make the most of it! Baan Laimai hotel on beachfront is one, although rooms are pricey.
One meal less a day to pay for
 Phuket - Thailand This is the cheapest hotel I've found on the Patong beachfront. Name is "Quality Resort" and its located at the south end of the beach (near where the small boats park). So if you are looking out to sea it's the left side. I paid 1400 baht per night. Good staff. They will always offer some discount so never accept the first price.  
 Udon Thani - Thailand There is not a lot to do in Udon Thani in terms of leisure but I finally visited the Water Park in the Nakhaburi Resort. Swimming pools are hard to find in Udon, even in hotels, and this one has two including water slides. Good for a family day out.
It's located on the main road between Udon and Nong Khai. Price to go swimming for a day is around 100 baht. The resorts has rooms from 800 baht upwards. Taxi from Udon takes about 20mins and was 200 baht each way. Food and drink can be ordered poolside. Pool is open from 10am with water slides (for kids) open from midday. You can find out more info on
 Good value
 Udon Thani Local steak restaurant opposite Ruy Suk hotel offers decent meat steaks (Beef/Pork/Chicken/Fish) with a few fries and a drink for less than 100 baht. Their English is ok and you can eat there or ask them to deliver if you're staying nearby. Location is opposite side of road from Ruy Suk and about 50m towards city center. Look for the 'steak' sign. (Charlie, USA)  
 Various I put this in the Malaysia board as that's where Tune Hotels are based. You have to buy use of the aircon in the room (12h/24h tickets) but what they don't say is that you can turn the aircon off and the countdown stops.
There is a very small button on the aircon control panel which you can slide to 'off'. When you do this your time stops until you turn it on again. Perfect if you just want to use the aircon to cool the room, then just use the fan. The Internet countdown you cannot stop, despite having a 'log out' button.
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Mayview Glory Hotel in Pudu provide decent accommodation in the cheaper part of the city. Rooms around 100rm a night and you can see the Towers from some of them. Located right next to main Maybank building, so easy access to atms and there is also a starbucks inside. Chinatown, nandos, Central Market is just over the road. (Chris H.)  Decent value
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia I've stayed at both the lcct Tune hotel and the one in 'downtown' KL as they call it. The KL one is much better. Rooms almost double the size and cheaper. There is a subway downstairs, monorail is a short walk and some shopping complexes over the road. Ideal if you want to see the city center. (David, Canada)  Best value in KL city center
 Various I posted the earlier review about the Tune hotels and would just like to add a small word of warning. I stay with Tune all the time for short business stays in or around KL/the airport, but the glitchy online booking caught me out and I booked the same stay twice.
My mistake was not to wait for long enough after the first attempt froze. I know you can cancel a booking easily, through the website, which I did. However it turns out you don't get your money back, you get a credit for the same amount as you paid to use at Tune (not AirAsia) within 6 months. Just to let you all know. (David)
 Tune refund policy
 Kuala Lumpur Airport - Malaysia The Tune Hotel at LCCT airport is ideal if you need somewhere to stay for a night. You can see the hotel from the LCCT terminal and there is a taxi shuttle from outside the front of LCCT to Tune every 15mins (cost 1RM).
There is a 7-eleven and a few cafes/restaurants at the hotel or you can just go to the terminal to eat. Book in advance over internet as sometimes it is full. Earlier you book the cheaper. Rooms are tiny though, just for sleeping. Tip, the atm at the hotel only seems to work for local cards so so you'll need to get any cash from the LCCT terminal.
 Earlier you book the more you save
 Saigon - Vietnam Bui Vien street is the main tourist and backpacker area and is walking distance to most city landmarks.
I stayed at the Duc Vuong Hotel. Can't recommend it highly enough. It's not the cheapest but it's modern, clean, safe and has great staff. They do a free 'family meal' for all guests in the evening - local food - where everyone sits around a big table.
It's designed to get everyone chatting and works well. You meet loads of people. Wifi excellent throughout and breakfast also very good, featuring all types of food. So included in the price (around 18 usd a night for a single room) you get breakfast and the evening meal!
 Best budget hotel in Saigon
 Saigon - Vietnam The Rex Hotel has a great roof top bar which anyone can go to. Drink prices not to inflated and there's usually a band playing. The Rex hotel where a lot of the top US army stayed while in Vietnam I believe so has quite a history. Don't be put off by the flash exterior and interior, just walk to the lift and head for the bar. There is no dress code to go to the bar.  Place to go
 Bali - Indonesia I would recommend the Three brothers Hotel in Legian. Around 30 min to airport with taxi... Then rent a board and go surfing, there is an easy beach break 400m away - Padma. (Scott)  
 Various If you have asthma, or just value breathing cleaner air, it's worth flicking open the front cover on the air con in your hostel room and checking the dust filters are clean. They are often heavily blocked. Just slide them out and wash the dust off under the tap then dry and replace. The air con will work better and any dust circulating in the room should get caught in the filter.