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The Tourism Authority of Thailand have created some cheap travel insurance exclusively for tourists. Find out more and apply online here: Cheap Official Travel Insurance
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How to get a travel insurance discount. This works for me. I fill in a quote online, either a comparison website or more usually with the company I want to get insurance from. I include a telephone number as well as email in the contact details. Then I wait 5-7 days............. 90% of the time they call me and offer a discount from the website price. (Keith). Travel Insurance Discount
 Thailand Further to your Tweet about motorcycle safety, I'd add that people riding bikes need to check the small print of their travel insurance.
Many companies do not cover motorcycle accidents as standard, you have to select it as an add-on, and if you are riding without a helmet, drunk or without owning a motorcycle license (sometimes a CBT license is enough, other companies will want a full license) then they will not pay out for any hospital fees.
(Chris, Surin Beach).
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All I’ve noticed some travel insurance companies only have their cheapest deals on comparison sites. If you look for those same deals on the official websites of the insurance companies they are not there.
The special deals are to make sure they appear near the top of comparison websites, but they have worked out they can charge more if you go straight to their website because their prices are not being directly compared with their rivals.
Example: Insureandgo does a very cheap ‘Backpacker Light’ on comparison sites that cannot be found on their website (I can't anyway)! I once phoned them to extend it and they said they couldn’t even do that and I had to book at their normal rate as shown on the website. But ‘Backpacker Light’ is still for sale if you book it through comparison sites.
Note that you need to have been a resident in the UK for six of the previous 12 months. (Russell).
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All If you need urgent medical treatment it's best to head to a government (public) hospital.
There are loads of private hospitals in Thailand, but you need to make sure your insurance is water tight or you'll end up with a massive bill/no treatment. If you have no insurance, you MUST go to a public hospital or you'll be destroyed financially!
Best to use the private hospitals for planned treatment, where you can check all the costs first and have time to shop around. I've heard less complaints about public hospitals in Thailand than I have private ones, which may look great and have all the equipment, but if the staff don't know what the are doing it's not much use.
Tip: Look out for 'Army' or 'Military' hospitals, they are also public (government) run, so costs are low, but are often less busy. Despite the name they are open to anyone, including tourists. (Henry Miller).
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