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 Koh Phangan - Thailand Not sure if I've spelt the Island name right but its the island with the full moon party. My advice is actually not to go when a party is on, or near, as you can get massive savings outside of the full moon party. The island has loads of other beaches and the best areas are all away from the full moon beach anyway IMO.
I stayed at a gorgeous place called the Grand Sea Resort just around the corner from the harbour, right by the sea with its own swimming pool and individual bungalows.
Just hire a motorcycle (all main hotels/resorts have them) and explore a different beach each day. One warning though, try to head back before nightfall unless you're in a group as some of the remote areas are pretty remote! Also some roads in the centre of the island are a real challenge to ride - steep and washed away. Don't attempt unless you are experienced rider. (Steve)