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Thailand - Railay Beach, Krab

Some notes on staying at Railay Beach, Krabi.
Getting there: First head for Ao Nang beach, which is about 600 baht for a taxi from the airport. Cheaper if you share a minibus. From Ao Nang beach there is an official ticket office to get a boat to Railay (or other places). Railay is 100 baht per person from Ao Nang.
Railay is a peninsula, the West side is the nicest (but hotels more expensive). The East is cheaper but there is no real beach, just a small (and at times dirty) port. Small boats will take you direct to the West or Railay, but anything bigger (such as Phuket or Phi Phi) arrives on the East side. However it's only about a 15-minute walk from East to West at narrowest point. Be aware that rough seas will delay or even cancel the small boat rides, so you may want to travel from Railay to Ao Nang the night before a major flight out of Thailand.
The two nice beaches on Railay itself are the West Railay beach and the Phra Nang Cave Beach, which is best of all due to the lack of beachside hotels. Unfortunately both are increasingly overcrowded with boats, especially on weekends when many take day trips from Krabi, so you'll probably want to head off to some of the many small islands near Railay for at least part of your stay.  
Hiring a small boat on Railay for a half-day trip out to 3-4 nearby Islands will cost around 1,700 baht (total). You stop off at the islands, plus some snorkeling. Note that double pricing is rife on Railay, the few Thais that visit get much better prices than tourists so send a local for any negotiations if you can.
There are no roads or motor vehicles on Railay, so expect to do a lot of walking. The main thing to be alert for is food poisoning, from washing food in unclean water, so be sensible about where and what you eat and drink. Fruit shakes seems to be the biggest cause of poisoning.
The Mangrove restaurant is one to try for good, and not over priced, sea food.  Koh I Noor, just opposite, is great for Indian food. You'll find both at the end of walking street (use Google maps).  At the front end of walking street, about 10 metres in from West Railay beach, is "1 Stop Takeaway", which is run by an Aussie and - very importantly - states that all of its food and salads are washed/cooked with bottled water.  This is a great move and helps ensure they are always busy selling wraps and kebabs.

 Krabi - Thailand Wanna's Place on Ao Nang beach is a Swiss-run hotel by the seafront. It has it's own swimming pool etc and is competitively priced.

 Krabi - Thailand If you want to stay on Railay Island - which is just off the coast of Krabi - the "Sand Sea Resort" is a reasonable balance between cost and comfort. They have a main hotel and also lots of individual bungalows. I would stay there again.