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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Heli Lounge Bar in Bukit Bingtang is a cool place to go and watch the sun go down over KL. As name suggests, it's a Helipad on top of building!  Nightlife
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
KL Nightlife update 2014: Changkat area of Bukit Bintang is still the best place to go, walk the street and decide on which of the bars and clubs looks best or has the best drink deals on that night.
Zouk is still Zouk but feels a bit cold and clinical these days. Place for businessmen trying to show they are cool.
Heritage Row is a shadow of its former self but still has one or two good clubs, with the added bonus of staying open much later than other places. Loft is the best of these and good place to check out late on weekends.
The Beach Club has moved up the road towards the Petronas Towers but still has the same ‘agenda’ :-)
Bali - Indonesia Main party street in Kuta has jams every night. So either get a bike or be prepared to get out of a taxi car and walk once you hit the jam. Otherwise you'll be sat there for hours. The Bomb monument area is where most of the main clubs are still located. Sky Garden is one of the most popular clubs these days. Outside Kuta most areas can get really quiet after about 11pm and a lot of shops close early. Night spots however stay open until 3-4am.(Luke) Nightlife
Bali - Indonesia Drink Bintang the local beer for safe alcohol. Spirits are often fake and dangerous so only buy in reputable places. Steer clear of “Arak”, which is like a home brew the poor people drink. Sky Garden says its spirits are all imported, no local arak and filtered water for ice.
A lot of the coca cola bottles being sold seem to be ether refilled and sealed with local cola or very out of date. The coca cola logos on the side say dates like 1996! (Luke)
Drink Safety
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia If you want a good night out head for the 'Changkak Bukiti Bintang' street. It's off the main Bukit Bintang road, take the turn by KFC. You'll go past a street market and downhill, into what looks like nothing, then you'll pass the Radius hotel and see a load of bars (including several Irish bars), restaurants and some small clubs. This place is packed out on weekends with both tourists and locals. Do a recce in day time to find the road if you want to be sure before going out at night.
Place to be for KL nightlife
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Zouk nightclub is probably the nearest thing to a euro nightclub in KL. Located opposite Hotel Maya on Jalan Ampang. Pricey, especially on weekends so would suggest going in the week when there are 2 for 1 drink promotions, ladies nite etc. Like most places in Kl its dead before around 12am but don't leave it too late as ques can get big and no one wants to be stood in the rain. The outside bistro style bar has no entrance fee. Be aware that there are no other clubs/bars near zouk.

 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Heritage Row. This is located next to the The Sheridan hotel (take next monorail stop after Bukik Nanas) and used to be very popular but clubs come and go very quick in KL. Nevertheless it still has a few good clubs at weekend, such as Loft. These are located towards the far end and on the right hand side if you're walking down from Sheridan. Entrance fee is expensive, like all places in KL, so be sure before you pay to go in.
My golden rule for clubbing in KL is this: If a place is still quiet by 12:30am cut your losses and go somewhere else.
 Where to go out
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Bangsar has a reputation as a place to be seen on weekends, although if you're not going with a group of friends it can be a bit awkward as its very much a cafe style vibe. Friends relaxing and chatting. Worth a look on one weekend night though and there are plenty of shops and restaurants around fuelled by expensive residential property all around.
There's no rail link to Bangsar, the station called Bangsar is around 1km from the shopping and night life, so you'll need a taxi or be prepared for a sizeable walk. To get to shopping etc turn right out of Bangsar station and follow the main road as it goes right, around the may bank, and heads uphill.
Place to try
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Be aware that the Beach Club on J. Ramlee, which looks like a great party venue, is actually full of working girls. I've heard horror stories about drinks being spiked and atm cards emptied. Shame as the music is good and it's always full... but now you know why :-)

 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia The Hard Rock Cafe is a cool place to go on weekends, listen to some live music and watch sport. It's also expensive. So my advice is to go on a Sunday night as there is no cover charge, unlike on Friday or Saturday. There is also a good live band ('Big Band' although they change from time to time) on a Sunday night and if you are into football they have TVs showing the premiership games live.
Avoid cover charge at Hard Rock Cafe
 Penang - Malaysia If you are going to Penang, Batu Ferringhi is the area to stay in. It's where the best beaches are and tourist facilities. Anywhere else and it's quite dull.
 Cost of transport each day from another area
 Saigon - Vietnam Word of advice about drinking the local beer. 'Saigon green' or 'red'. Quality control is poor so you can sometimes feel really rough after just one or two bottles and wonder why. Safer to drink imported beer (Heineken etc).
 Saigon - Vietnam The Go2 bar at the corner of Bui Vien street is a good place to meet lots of tourists/travellers, but it's one of the most expensive places for drinks.
 50% cheaper in other places
 Saigon - Vietnam Allez Boo in backpacker area is a popular bar/restaurant. Located over the road from the park. Nice place to relax and people watch.
 Vientiane - Laos If you are a backpacker or tourist one place to head for in Vientiane is the riverfront, where there are lots of restaurants and hotels aimed at foreigners. You will meet a lot of like-minded people in this area.