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 Pattaya - Thailand Most dangerous place in Thailand IMHO, so take care, yet strangely attractive in a Wild West kind of way.
Stay in a decent (safe) hotel and lock everything in a safe/suitcase. Do not walk around covered in expensive jewelry or waving around an iPhone. If you drink at the bars and bring anyone back be aware that spiking of drinks is common. You'll wake up 12 hours later minus your valuables...
 Jontiem - Thailand Jontiem Beach is a good alternative to Pattaya. Just around the corner, more relaxed, cleaner beach. Not quite so crazy, but you are still near enough to the action.
You can get a Taxi direct from Bangkok airport. If you don't have a hotel booked the taxi driver will take you to some hotels until you are happy. This is often much cheaper than booking at the airport or even internet. However if you are alone do not get out of the taxi with all of your bags inside... maybe they will drive off. Like when they fake a breakdown and ask you to get out and push.
Instead get the driver to ask the hotel the price etc. If you are a couple, send your girlfriend to look at the rooms while you wait in the taxi with your luggage. If you are alone take out your bags before going to look. You should be able to get reasonable seafront rooms for 500-600 baht a night with breakfast.