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Thailand You CAN get a Thai driving licence (car or motorcycle) on a Tourist Visa. This is how:
1) Go to the local immigration office, the place where you extend your visa, and tell them you want a Thai license. They will give you a form to prove your address in Thailand, which you need your landlord to sign. Take the form back to immigration with your passport and 2 passport photos and they will give you a letter declaring you are eligible for a Thai license. 2) Get a Medical stating you are fit to drive/ride from any hospital or clinic. This will cost about 200 baht and takes five minutes.
3) Find the nearest Department of Land Transport (DLT) headquarters, the same place where Thai people do their driving/riding tests the first time. The Immigration office will tell you where it is.
4) Take the Immigration letter, Medical letter, your passport and home driving licence to the DLT. Ideally make at least two photocopies of each before you go, otherwise they will do it for you. Bring a Thai person with you as they are unlikely to speak much English at the DLT.
5) Be polite. Often the DLT people will just look at the license from your home country and allow you to have a Thai license without needing to do the full driving/riding test. Likewise, if you only have a car licence from home they will sometimes let you have a Thai motorcycle licence without doing the bike test.
6) If you don't have to do the full test, it's just an easy color blindness and reaction test to pass. That's it.
7) You'll get your photo taken, then they give you the finished licences.
Because you only have a Tourist Visa the licences are valid for 1 year at a time, but renewing is easier than getting the first licence.
So why bother if only for 1 year? The obvious reason is for travel/health insurance. It may say you are covered to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc on your insurance, but you almost certainly still need to hold a motorcycle licence somewhere.
Car and Motorcycle Licence
 Thailand Starting a business in Thailand is really tricky. Most westerners seem to open a bar, but that's seems to be a great way to lose a lot of money.
Okay some bars make decent profits, but most don't and are constantly changing hands. And if you do start to make money you'll attract attention from the Police/mafia that you'll have to pay off. Better to come up with something that allows you to stay under the radar.
Good idea is to find something cheap or special to Thailand that you can import/sell to customers in your home country, where you understand the market.
 Thailand Be aware that if you hire a scooter you'll be fined by the police if you are not wearing a helmet. They'll also check the bike has tax and you have a license (driving license will do, most can't read English well).
If you get caught up in anything more major (drink riding/driving) and the police offer a 'financial' way out, take it. Most fines seem to go straight in the back pocket. That's the way it is. (David Strauss)
 Police fines
Vietnam If you get in trouble with the police just pay up quickly, but do it subtly. If you are not wearing a helmet on a motorbike put some cash under your license and hand it over. That's what the locals do. The police are smart and don't want to be seen taking money, but it's the way to get things sorted out quickly in HCMC. (Ricky) Sooner you pay, less you pay