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Bali - Indonesia Sellers start their prices crazily high. 3 x plus. Shorts, Shoes they will ask for 150,000 but happily accept 50,000. (Luke) Prices
Bali - Indonesia Beach chair on its own 20-30,000. 50k for two. Best negotiating tactic is to say you only want an hour or two, or that it is already the afternoon so half the price. (Luke) Prices
Nong Khai The cool season in North Thailand really has been quite cool for the past month, at night anyways, which has allowed me to see how much air con costs me in electricity.
Usually I turn on the air con every night (it’s only in the bedroom) and off in the morning but for most of the last month I haven’t needed it at all.
The electricity bill arrived today and it was 50% lower than normal - at least 1000 baht cheaper. I was quite surprised air con was costing me so much. The air con unit is newish, less than a year old.
The electricity saving for air con itself is probably more like 1200-1400 baht because the cooler weather means I have had the shower on hotter, which uses more electricity.
Maybe knowing that saving is useful for people... Definitely think I need to work out how to cool the house down better without so much air con in future.
(David, Nong Khai nr. Laos)
1000-1400 baht
North Thailand Happy New Year all. Having overeaten at xmas one of my tooth crowns finally gave up on me. After spending the past week traipsing around recommended dentists, here is a typical price list for those interested:
Filling - 500 baht.
Tooth out - 750 baht.
Root canal treatment (and crown?) - 9,000 baht.
Prices for good dental work