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Singapore Try 'Serangoon Road' for somewhere to stay at reasonable price in Singapore. It’s in the Little India area and not far from Orchard Road. Accommodation
 Singapore The Singapore F1 Grand Prix is on this weekend. Prices inflate massively when F1 is in town, but this is how I got a great deal. It also works for any big motorsport event - F1, MotoGP or whatever.
Keep an eye on the specialist motorsport websites at this time of year and be ready to book as soon as the first version of the race calendar for next year is announced. Hotels will put their prices up by 2 or 3 times when they know the F1 is on. This happens everywhere in the world. But the hotels don't get advance knowledge of the exact race dates until they are made public.
So if you book quickly, you just pay the normal weekend fee and not the special F1 weekend rate. Best to choose hotels that allow you to change dates or cancel without big penalties, just in case the planned race calendar changes after you book (rare but not impossible).
70-80% saving
 Singapore Sentosa Island is dedicated to tourism/leisure. It has all sorts of things, including butterfly parks, dolphin parks, 4d cinemas, rides etc. Read up for more. If you are going to Singapore it's worth a look. There are also several beaches, inc. clubs and bars. (Ray)
 Singapore Singapore is an expensive city so do your homework before you go. Turning up without accommodation already booked is risky and you could be left with a big bill. Don't go when the F1 race is on, unless that's your reason for being there, as prices rocket for the Grand Prix week. Otherwise it's a great city, Weather can be harsh for Europeans but it's really safe, clean and tidy.  
Singapore My must see for Singapore would be the night zoo and make sure you also see the animal show.
Unlike many zoos in asia this place really seems to take care of the animals and the tricks they do in the show are not of the cheezy circus variety - otters sorting recycling! Brilliant! The Night Zoo is one of the best known attractions so easy to sign up. Most trips include transport to and from the zoo.
Must see