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Jakarta - Indonesia Getting from the airport: The easiest way to get from Jakarta airport to the city is to take a 'Silver Bird' Taxi, waiting right outside arrivals. Despite the name they are black in colour and a safe, reputable brand. Their budget range is called 'Blue Bird', but you have to wait longer. Silver Bird from Airport to central Jakarta is about 330,000IDR.
ATMs are now available in the luggage collection area of Jakarta Airport.
Once you get to the city (or if you have an internet connection on arrival) Uber is by far the best and cheapest way to get around. You will not be waiting longer than about 10mins for a pickup. An Uber from central Jakarta back to the Airport is only 130,000IDR.
200,000 with Uber
Thailand Tuk Tuks seems to have a cult following, but the reality is that an honest taxi (using a meter) is nearly always cheaper. Not to mention quicker and more comfortable. Try it and compare with a Tuk Tuk rate. You’ll be surprised. At least 30% cheaper than Tuk Tuk
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If you are expecting trouble with a taxi fare - because they are going to try to cheat you - ask to get dropped off outside somewhere near where you want to go instead of your hotel. Ideally pick a five star hotel, police station or embassy.
Not only is there less chance of the driver trying to rip you off but there will be people nearby that can help if there is trouble.
Also the driver will not know where you are staying. In some countries (Malaysia) drivers have been known to come back with friends and beat tourists up, when they have refused to pay rip off fees.
Another simple trick is to always get out of the taxi first before paying. Taxi drivers are much less likely to quote a rip off price when it can be heard in public, especially at places like airports where police and guards are nearby. (TJ).
Taxi trouble
Bali - Indonesia TAXI FROM BALI AIRPORT: Turn right as you go out of the airport and the official taxi booth is along the wall on your right. It’s small with a blue sign that looks like all the other booths in the line.
Taxi prices are fixed at about 50,000 to Kuta and 60,000 to Legian. Taxi drivers will shout these prices at you as you leave the airport, so you may think why do I need to queue for a ticket? But ticket is still the best because the other drivers will soon start upping the price once they have hooked you in.
TIP Take a photo of the official taxi price board inside the booth with your phone. It'll serve you well in any taxi negotiations during your stay and is good to refer back to. You can judge any taxi prices off the price from the airport. (Luke)
Official taxi price
Bali - Indonesia Motorcycle Taxis are an easy way to get around. Tell them to go slow if you are not used to riding bikes. They will ask for high prices but 20-30,000 should get you most places. Most bikes will just take you and be happy for whatever you pay them at the end.
Most of these are just locals with motorcycles. They are not official so be smart. Use only when you will be sticking to busy roads. Same goes for when you think you are negotiating for an official car taxi, often it is just a local with a car! Ask to see the taxi first.
Allow up to an hour to get from downtown to the airport if traffic is bad, which it usually is. (Luke)
Prices to pay for motorcycle taxis
 Various Never, ever, ever, ever tell taxi drivers or any locals you don't trust that it is your first time in Thailand or in that city. You will just be asking to be ripped off. Just say you 'came here a few years ago'

 Bangkok - Thailand This is a time saver rather than a money saver. Many Taxis in Bangkok get paid to bring tourists to certain shops, usually things like Jewelry shops. The driver either gets paid a commission on any sale or gets a petrol voucher for bringing you.
This is why you will often hear a driver pressure you to visit a certain shop. It is also why when you tell a driver you want to go shopping and expect to end up at one of the big shopping malls he 'misunderstands' and takes you to one of these smaller outlets first. Then after you've had a look (and he's got his money for bringing you) he will suddenly understand where you want to go.
Some drivers will be upfront about it when you get in and some will actually refuse to take you if you are not prepared to stop off at one of these places along the way. Best tactic is just to say you have no time and be really clear 'no shopping' if they start bringing the subject up.
 Bangkok - Thailand NEVER take a taxi unless it is labelled 'Taxi Meter'. A taxi meter, as the name says, will run on a meter and is cheap to go pretty much anywhere in Bangkok or surrounding areas. They are usually bright coloured (sometimes pink!) and have Taxi Meter written clearly on top. Other types of taxis are more like private cabs and will quote you a fee. (Stefan N)  50% of private taxi price
Bangkok Airport - Thailand For those that haven't been to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport before it can be a bit daunting when you walk out and have all these people shouting "taxi?, taxi?" But don't give in to these touts as they will rip you off.
Instead wave the touts away and follow the signs for "Taxi". The airport has an official taxi rank where you pay a fixed rate at a desk and then they hand the ticket to the driver. It's safe, the driver knows where you are going and you won't get ripped off.
Cheapest airport taxi
Bangkok - Thailand Backpackers and people with luggage, please find first a safe hotel or guesthouse to leave your belongings, especially after flying long distance (Bru - BKK or London - BKK...) Even you think you are in a hurry and do not have time enough to see everything of Thailand, never go around full packed and totally tired of long haul flights, on the moment you arrive on very crowded touristical places with luggage you'll be an easy victim of Tuk tuk drivers who say they know a cheap hotel nearby and who will come over with stories to make you use them.
These days, 20 August 2012, Bangkok has a very good BTS system that reaches directly from Suvarnabhumi to the most city places tourist places (Like Sukhumvit - Phatpong - ...) they are always cheaper then taxi fares and the chance to meet people from western countries is also here bigger.People like me who live in BKK, we know well all the tricks of Tuk TuK drivers and Taxi fares (If you use taxi, look first if the MRT is not possible, discuss first if meter will be used and try to guess the distance, follow well the roadmap, many tricks exist to change the road and to turn around just so that you pay higher prices).
At this moment only the Kaoh San Area, King Palace area is not reachable by MRT, probably in 1 year it will be, because there will be a line of BTS between Charoenkrung to King Palace. Most easy way from Sukhumvit to go Kaoh San seems to me by MRT till Saphan Thaksin (Nearby Chao Praya river) and there you can take a cheap boat to King Palace.
Other possibilities are taking MRT till victory Monument and then a bus, but show well the ticket vender where you want to go and make sure the bus goes there.But this you always do better without luggage and if you are relaxed. I got the experience of a girl who back packed to Kao San, She knows now what I mean. (Van Welde Bruno)
Safety / Getting Around
 Pattaya - Thailand Jontiem Beach is a good alternative to Pattaya. Just around the corner, more relaxed, cleaner beach. Not quite so crazy, but you are still near enough to the action. You can get a Taxi direct from Bangkok airport.
If you don't have a hotel booked the taxi driver will take you to some hotels until you are happy. This is often much cheaper than booking at the airport or even internet. However if you are alone do not get out of the taxi with all of your bags inside... maybe they will drive off. Like when they fake a breakdown and ask you to get out and push.
Instead get the driver to ask the hotel the price etc. If you are a couple, then send your girlfriend to look at the rooms while you wait in the taxi with your luggage. If you are alone take out your bags before going to look. You should be able to get reasonable seafront rooms for 500-600 baht a night with breakfast.
Beware of Taxis driving off with your bags
 Phuket - Thailand The taxi scam also operates at Phuket airport - make sure you buy a ticket from the official booth with prices fixed for each area and clearly visible. I saw a booth saying taxi and it ended up being one of the private taxi firms. You know you're being ripped off as the 'receipt' if you get one has no price etc. Later found out they charged me double what it should have been.
 Scam warning
 Phuket - Thailand Be wary of taking a mini bus or bus from the airport. The price is really cheap, but they are known to stop off at tour shops and try to do a hard sell. In the daytime that is annoying. At night it can be scary. As others here have said take an official taxi by buying a ticket inside the terminal. Taxis also try and sell you tours though, but just say you've already booked your tours or better still that you are meeting friends who have everything arranged already.
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Reliable and trustworthy private taxi driver/tour guide: Name is Dino. Number is 013-375 2017. English is ok. sure if
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Taxis and price of alcohol are the two worst things about KL. The locals say the same, about the taxis anyway (the muslims are probably not concerned by alcohol price!).
Unlike most Asian countries, where a Taxi Meter means a Taxi Meter, in KL turning on a meter is a last resort. For a few years they have been made to carry big signs on the doors saying they must use the meter, but they still won't!
You'll say where you want to go and instead of taking you they will offer a fixed price. This will be at least twice of what it would be on the meter. And if it is raining or busy traffic they will try to charge more.
It's illegal but don't get into a fight as they can be dangerous. Just walk on if you're not prepared to be ripped off, or at least try and bargain with them.
The only circumstances most locals or expats will take a taxi is by buying a ticket at the airports or major shopping centers, where prices are fixed. The shopping centers with an official taxi service are KLCC (Petronas Towers), Times Square (Imbi monorail stop), KL Sentral and I think Pavillion.
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Have lived in KL for a few years. Here is a complete guide to getting from the airport. You'd think it'd be simple, but it's not. I'll spread it over several posts.
First, as someone has said, the two airport terminals are a fair way apart (several km by road). This is because the LCCT was an 'afterthought' but is now having to be expanded due to popularity of AirAsia. That means you have different options depending on which terminal.
FROM KLIA to KL SENTRAL Most long haul flights got to KLIA, which has a direct rail link to the city. This is the cheapest and quickest way to get into KL. The train goes to KL Sentral which is the main train hub for the city. I'll talk about getting from Sentral to heart of KL city later.
Alternatively you can get a taxi from KLIA. Purchase an official taxi ticket from the terminal (follow signs). Expect between 70-100RM to get to city, depending on which part.
 Cheapest & quickest
 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia FROM LCCT to KL SENTRAL This is where it gets complicated. As mentioned the planners didn't bargain on AirAsia/cheap flights being so popular so the LCCT terminal has no direct rail link to the city.
Don't be fooled by all the adverts for the train making it sound like it's direct from LCCT to Sentral and vica versa. It's not. It;s direct to KLIA and you have to take a bus for part of the way if you are going to-from LCCT. It's still a viable option but having to change midway through your journey is too much hassle for me. The other option is to get the transit bus (outside front of LCCT terminal) from LCCT to KLIA (a considerable journey) and then get the train from KLIA.
Taxis are an option because there is an official taxi desk in the LCCT terminal so can pay a fixed price (again 70-100RM) and you don't have to deal with the usual rip off taxi prices. Driver gets paper slip and he takes you to the location. Worth considering if in a group and can share cost.
But the cheapest way is to take one of the buses that go from LCCT to Sentral (and vice versa) direct. This is how the locals get to and from LCCT. The cost is only 8RM each way! One of the buses is run by AirAsia so you might hear it plugged on the flight.
Don't worry about buying a ticket beforehand though. Just walk out of the LCCT terminal and walk to the far left and you'll see a line of buses (not the buses right in front of the terminal). Just walk up and guys will ask you if you want a ticket. They put your suitcase under and then you go aboard. The bus goes direct to KL Sentral. No stopping along the way.
 90% cheaper than Taxi
 Kuaala Lumpur - Malaysia So you've got to KL Sentral and now want to get to the city centre (where most of the hotels/hostels are). You have three options.
1) Use official taxi desk inside KL Sentral to buy a ticket for a taxi. Taxi desk is at back of KL Sentral, relative to city centre. Expect to pay 10-20RM. Fixed pricing so no rip offs. If the taxi driver tells you you need to pay more later he's lying.
2) Take the monorail, which runs in a line through the city centre. To catch this you need to walk out of KL Sentral and across the road to the terminal. You cannot catch it from inside KL Sentral (nice planning that) so follow the signs for 'Monorail'.
3) Take a faster underground train from inside KL Sentral itself. Less station options than Monorail for City Centre but much faster and, the big plus for tourists, the 'Commuter' train ('Kelana Jaya' Line) goes direct to the Petronas Towers. There is a station underneath. Just buy a ticket from the machines, using touch screen and cash, to say where you want to go.
Hope that all helps guys.(Matt)
 Best KL Transport
 Saigon - Vietnam Be really careful when leaving the airport as it's taxi tout heaven. They are waiting to snare their victims and are helped by the lack of a clear ticket system. In fact I'm not sure there is an official system. Make sure you take a taxi that is clearly branded as such. Be firm if you need to be. The officials will not help.
Never say its your first visit and be aware that the touts will flash id cards (that mean nothing) to try and tempt you to go with them to their car. When you get there you'll see it's just a normal car, but by then it's too late unless there is a big group of you.
I fell for this and as the guy was putting my rucksack into the back he also opened the pockets and tried to steal. Tense journey. After charging you 2-3 times the real price they will also ask for a tip. (CM)
 70 percent
 Saigon - Vietnam Look out for taxi meters which spin much quicker than they should. Well known scam in HCMC