Visas Homepage

Don’t rely on hearsay, bad information and rumours! The list at the base of this page has links to all the official Visa application and information websites for Asian countries, listed in alphabetical order.

There are lots of visa companies that can help arrange a visa for you, some of which provide an excellent service, but don't confuse them with the official government immigration and visa websites.

If you are considering using a visa service, check the official visa fees using the links below and then compare it with the fees being offered by the visa service company, to see what mark-up they are charging.

Sometimes it's around 20% more, sometimes it's double or triple.

Visa service companies basically do the form filling and waiting around for you and are most useful in cases where you need a visa before you fly and cannot easily travel to the embassy yourself.

In some cases you will be required to send your passport, so that the visa can be printed inside, so make sure you choose a
reputable company (and factor in the recorded-delivery postage costs).

Note that some countries - such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore - offer a free 'visa on arrival' for most western tourists.

That means you don't need to apply for a visa before you arrive, although the length of stay is usually shorter than if you obtain a full tourist visa in advance.

Other countries, such as Vietnam, insist that you at least have a government issued visa approval letter before you board your flight into the country...